What Does Twitter’s Photo Play Mean for Facebook?

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Oct. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Brian Weiser of Pivotal Research Group discusses what Twitter’s Photo Play announcement means for Facebook, a report that slams Facebook’s marketing for advertisers and his expectations for Facebook results coming later today after the bell. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”


What you make of this move by twitter given how prominently photos are featured on facebook?

I think all companies in advertising have to continuously iterate what their product offering is.

A large part of it is what they use to justify why they increase the absolute amount of cash money that they try to get from edge -- every digital advertiser.

That is just an ongoing thing.

At the end of the day, between twitter and facebook, i don't think it is necessary dynamic of twitter or facebook for very many advertisers.

They are still trying to get on the media plan.

They're trying to make sure there is an amount of money there.

Forrester research came out with a report earlier this week that was pretty controversial saying that facebook is failing marketers and that facebook in fact has less marketing reach than twitter, linkedin, blue global plus -- linkedin, google plus.

Controversial was not the are the came to my mind.

Silly was the paramount word for so my mind when i saw that report.

Listen, saying that facebook was the worst performing of all those players is kind of like when you see those rankings of cable operators, and you see one scoring below the irs or whatever, guess what?

They are often a tiny percentage point of each other.

If you look at how much higher up the google's youtube is or linkedin is, these are a ridiculous narrow range.

It is beside the fact of -- how do they suspect -- select the individual is wanted, without getting into the potential biases of who they work with and now that stuff.

The reality is -- it is not a meaningful business at all advertising is flawed.

That is the other thing.

All advertising is flawed.

It is about the leased battle turn at any given point for a given goal.

Facebook has come out and saying the study as a responsible, but one thing -- i spoke to the guy who wrote this report yesterday, he said that facebook relies on web 1.0-style display ads that are not moving the needle forward in any way.

Does facebook rely on very traditional display ads?

I don't think it matters.

Again, a marketer has a gold.

-- a goal.

They look for the least bad way to object, whether it is 1.0, 5 .0, who cares?

Facebook have a more unduplicated reach.

It is the single least efficient way, that is an important choice of word, to a comedy given goal.

Pre-k's what we be looking for the numbers later today?

-- to a congress a given goal.

What will you be looking for in the numbers later today?

Basically anyone who has tested this on facebook complete related -- capitulated on the business.

Estimates kind of came up all over.

I am not sure if people ran their estimates of too high.

It is hard to know how much of what we saw is replicable.

They launched a notlot of products in 3q 2012. how much is repeatable?

Our own estimates are 55% of revenue growth.

Consensus is a little higher than that.

He requested his just where the growth is coming from -- the root question is just where the growth is coming from.

Facebook is not going to release its video ads until next year.

With this new move by twitter, video ads are more prominent here it we heard jon -- more prominent.

We heard jon say he clicked on an ad for oreo which he had never done before.

How much does that matter?

Far less than people think.

Facebook is try to approach video advertising through the lens of trying to capture television budgets, which will almost never happen.

By contrast, twitter is not thinking in those terms.

For facebook at the end of the day, they need to have iteration improvements, and i will let them get more money per advertiser, which is ultimately what they need to do.

Whether it is a video asset to support that or some other product improvement, they will get there.

They are continuously improving what they've got to sell.

Quite all right, brian wheezer -- all right, brian wieser

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