What Does Social Media Mean to IBM?

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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- IBM Vice President of Social Business Scott Hebner discusses the use of social media at the company on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

They spoke, twitter, instagram.

What does it mean to you?

I do not think of ibm in the social universe.

I think the value of social business runs deeper than social media.

It is the tip of the iceberg.

Tap into each other, if you will.

What that is creating is opportunities to do a collective knowledge.

It is what you do with all that behavioral data.

If you are a business, really taking, exploiting, and harnessing.

Or business, how does that connect with social.

Businesses have always conducted consumer testing and focus groups.

You have always had to that.


What is key here is because 90% of adults are on social media and work it organizations and workplaces, they are becoming more transparent and a borderless.

Therefore, your employees are on the frontline that your customers every day.

It is how you harness that.

Now you can tap into the collective wisdom of a marketplace and a more effective way.

The way you are defining social would equally apply to auctions on ebay or book reviews on amazon.

Or crowd funding, for example.


It crowd sourcing is a great example.

Create innovations not internally but within the business.

Why aren't other companies, like a google, talking about social in those terms?

The skeptic is listening to its.

Ibm stock is not doing great they are looking at very dust.

Social media is what most people equate it to.

The about what it is doing.

It is creating behavioral data.

It is footprints of the knowledge that is out there.

You can do analytics to make better business decisions.

It puts a face on data.

Smaller enterprises are taking that and making better decisions for the workforce.

Give us a couple of examples of the kinds of projects you've developed for clients.

One is about talent optimization.

We have a company and it is all about optimizing the talent.

How you recruit the talent, how you empower, and how you retain it.

There is definitely an increased hunt.

How does it work?

You tap into the social networks and find the right skills.

Isn't that what linkedin does?

Linkedin allows you to advertise your business.

Doing the analytics and tapping into the business data, we have one billion points of data from surveys.

We tap into that and do personality profiles to find the best fit talent.

One billion points of data to make the argument, what do you do with all that information?

We has spent centuries hiring pretty good people.

What do we need one billion data points for?

It gives you the trends, the profiles, the personality.

More importantly, it is the behavioral science that goes behind that that allows you to apply analytics that can attract the right talent and retain them over time.

Any specific company you can cite as an example that you have worked with and done something good for?

One great example, amc features.

The movie chain.


They have a lot of turnover in locations.

People selling popcorn?

And the sodas.

What they have found is that people who have the best personalities are able to sell the most so they are looking for the right trait.

You cannot train a person to be friendly.

You want to hire them in the

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