What Does Netflix Have That Others Don't?

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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Netflix unveiled a new home-page design aimed at delivering a richer experience to viewers who watch on television sets. Bloomberg Contributing Editor Nick Thompson has more on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Yorker.com joins us from new york.

What did you think?

I think this was a design that was needed and i think netflix is doing what everyone else on the internet is doing, which is moving toward larger images and new grids.

They really put forward three big things.

It's the transition out of a textbased interface the user navigates.

It is something very much like what facebook has done.

Everybody is moving toward larger images.

It's time for netflix to do it and i think they've done a pretty good job.

Is interesting you mention facebook.

Read hastings is a friend of mark zuckerberg, one of the early facebook board members.

Social has always been part of their strategy.

It's a very important part of their strategy.

It hasn't really taken off the way i think they hope, but there has been growth there.

If you look at the different content companies providing stuff for you to watch, there are a million out there, so why would you use netflix estuary have a good selection, but another reason you would go for them is because you are socially integrated.

You can see what they rented yesterday.

There's a huge advantage and a huge amount of data.

The social elements are more integrated into the design than they were before, which is a smart call.

Netflix has in the neighborhood of 30 million subscribers in the u.s., but they have land to see that number double or triple and a portion of their subscribers enjoy the monthly trials.

They are trying to keep you locked into the world that is netflix.

Does that help you if you are using a trial or do you just say i will pay the $7.99 a month?

Anything that makes you say you will watch multiple videos, they need to build loyalty and the best way to do that is to have you think what am i going to watch?

Am i going to go to youtube or netflix or play a game on my console?

What about the fact that these changes don't take effect on certain devices like apple tv or microsoft's xbox one because they have their own rules for how things look and feel on their devices?

This seems like an important storyline as we move toward this of tv and the devices themselves . that's a great point.

What netflix has tried to do with this redesign is make it so they can make one change and have it spread to all of their devices.

You fix the playstation version, you fixed the desktop urgent.

They want to have just one version.

They were not able to do that from their perspective and have it work on apple tv.

It is slightly limited, but they have massively simplified their own project and it is amazing the number of things that let you watch netflix.

It is embedded like everything you buy.

More people watch it on playstation's than anything else, but it is on a zillion things now.

No doubt.


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