What Does Internet.org Mean for Facebook?

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Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Techonomy CEO David Kirkpatrick discusses Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West."

From what he had to say today?

I also did a lot of preparatory interviewing with him and his team and i will say it is amazing the continuing growth of the scope of facebook's vision.

I don't know if you caught the thing at the end where he said if you have anything else planned for 20 -- 42014 and he says isn't this enough?

You trying to connect everybody on the planet and a new way and i think that's impressive and amazing.

I'm surprised they have taken this step and i think he articulated it ready well and passionately today.

I was wondering -- there was an interesting moment when he talked about modeling often ability.

How much of that was a glimpse into how he thinks about is this, which is to say not at all -- he thinks about opportunity, not profit.

How much of that was spent, saying don't look for any payout yet?

I think it is incredibly perfect for that company that they have cheryl and mark as a ceo with a long-term vision.

If he did not have cheryl, he could not think this way.

But he has a close partner is a master business person with the company on an extraordinary trajectory that he doesn't have to worry about day-to-day.

I think if he continues to focus on product improvement and other stuff -- i think it gives him the luxury of having this surprisingly big picture, optimistic, aggressive, futuristic vision for how facebook camp lay a positive role in the planet's future.

But it is only because cheryl is there that it is possible.

He said some funny things about his board and what they thought about this.

I was trying to push them on that and did not get very far but i'm sure there are people on the financial side and on the board who have some reservations.

My own opinion is it's reasonable to say it will have a long-term payoff.

There are some companies just by having more people getting involved can ultimately make more money and facebook is one and google is another.

We did not hear all the q and a but i understood you asked him if you wanted to talk about snap chat and he said no.

What the make of that?

There was a question from the audience asking what about snap chat?

I repeated the question from the audience.

He said this is enough and i said with a $19 billion deal, it will take some time before we do anything else.

I said with your company, you will never know.

He could by other services at a good price that would help expand his vision in the near future, he would still do so.

I think snap chat's value went up as a result of the transaction, but it's a different kind of thing because it's for developed countries.

It is an elite service and a different universe.

There was some discussion about integration and how the department might work.

Lots of parallel services that don't necessarily interact on the front and.

How do you think facebook thinks about these services like instagram?

It is becoming a portfolio.

No question.

It was cheryl who recently called facebook our primary app, which was a stunning new direction to go.

A are really starting to think of these other services as not equivalent but freestanding parallel entities.

The way mark was talking about it, there's no question he's looking at it that way.

One of the questions you may not have heard was a dutch journalist asking about privacy and whether the data will be exposed to facebook.

He was incredibly adamant it would continue operating the way it always has.

It's another reinforcement of the idea that these are parallel things that will be going the same way.

I understand there was some discussion about china.

Do you think this changes they spoke's profits in china?

There was an article about how it operates in china.

It's not exactly a trojan horse, but for facebook to have any services operating in china is and advancement of his vision.

Who knows whether paper may work in china.

But i could see facebook messenger being allowed in china.

We have to leave it there.

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