What Does General Electric Want From Alstom?

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April 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matthew Campbell reports on talks by General Electric to purchase French train maker Alstom on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

A company in france.

Matthew campbell, good morning to you.

This is an interesting activist transaction.

General electric with -- a french company.

How badly does alstom want to go after -- want to be acquired?

There is a pronunciation guide on the website.


Well, that is a very good question.

What does jeffrey in notes and -- jeff immelt and ge want?

Shares have gone down quite a bit, which makes it a bit of a bargain.

Jeff immelt has said that their future is the past.

As in manufacturing, capital goods, real engineering.

There are few better ways to do this then acquiring alstom.

They are an iconic company.

Limited to the question that everyone will ask.

Will the french government intrude on this transaction?

Generally, you would be safe and betting yes.

Ge is a special case.

They have cultivated a good relationship over a long period of time.

They have more employees in france than alstom.

The woman who runs ge france is very impressive and super respected in the french establishment.


I recall famously when mario, a former prime minister of italy, who was the head of anti -competition, shut down honeywell.

Do we have any indication that there may be something to slow this transaction?

The antitrust issues are relatively minor.

These two companies do not have an enormous overlap in their principal businesses.

Alstom is strong in turbines for hydroelectric dams, and also on the transport side.

Ge does locomotives, alstom does trains and sgignals.

The direct overlaps are relati vely minor.

You broke this news yesterday.

What was the response of ge?

Two they need to speed up the associations?

Ge has not tipped their hand yet.

Alstom put out a slightly odd statement, saying they are not aware of a potential tender offer for the company.

If you parse very closely, that was not a denial of anything.

What our sources have told us if this is a deal that could be announced as soon as next week.

In paris and new york, some bankers and lawyers are hard at work now.

Thank you so much.

We will continue this discussion.

Fascinating to see ge with more employees than alstom in france.

You learn something new everyday.

Medical is big.

We bought the gas turbine p ortion of alstom, that gave us globalr reach.

And this deal has not been announced yet.

We're looking for this over the next week.

We also have earnings coming out

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