What Do We Know About EA's New CEO?

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Sept. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Electronic Arts named Andrew Wilson, the head of its sports games and a leader in the emerging digital businesses, as new CEO, passing over two more senior officials. Cliff Edwards reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Edwards, who covers the gaming industry for bloomberg news.

Cliff, is this a surprise?

The industry is quite surprised.

The internet candidates were peter moore, the chief operating officer, and frank, who is andrew wilson's bossed.

What we know about wilson and why he got this job?

He is a young guy.

He is running the crown jewel of the business, the sports business.

He is in charge of one of the franchises that has done really well for ea, fifa.

Fifa was up 70% of its revenues last night from 13%. -- 17% of its revenues last year from 13%. also their origin business which is where ea wants to go.

I think they are trying to signal the investor community they are serious about digital and they are putting a young guy in place to do it.

If you think about the gaming landscape right now, you have social gaming companies like zynga.

You have traditional gaming companies like activision.

Ea has positioned itself in between.

They have really gone down the path of making that transition.

They want to be mostly digital in the next 3-5 years.

That was something he was working on hard buddy ran out of time.

They picked a person that understands the new world.

What are some of the short-term things the company has to do?

We highlighted the fact the market has applauded some of their recent results.

Some of their franchises, john madden just went on the market.

What is the priority?

Wilson has a mixed track record.

Madden is not doing as well as was last year.

Their nba title, two years running, were canceled.

We have to see with an nba title does.

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