What Did We Learn From GM CEO Barra on Recall?

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April 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Ryan Chilcote recaps General Motors CEO Mary Barra’s Capitol Hill testimony on a delayed auto recall and how it may impact GM sales going forward on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

100 days of mary barra, they will look at what she says today and yesterday.

She said two things that she got grilled by the senators and congressmen.

One is that she will get to the bottom of what happened.

Not sure how it is that they did not recall these parts and she said she will -- she has already appointed ken feinberg to take care of that.

The issue -- is this going to hurt gm's ability to sell cars?

Consumers might say that maybe the car is not safe enough for me.

Little evidence thus far.

There is a lot of uncertainty hanging over the stock.

Shares are down 50% this year.

Chrysler is up and fortis up.

A people are worried that this is going to be a can of worms that hurts the company.

The company doubled its charge for these recalls to $750 million.

I was surprised how many -- how little information she delivered.

At wellpoint -- everybody appreciates you have to be careful at what you say because of the legal aspects, but at what point to consider it stonewalling and that's why enervating answers -- and sly and evading answers.

Gm is -- has lost $18 billion in europe since 1999. they have been trying to refashion opel's image.

In gm, you're going to think about this.

It has not have the same residence.

They do not have great names.

They are not being tainted by this scandal.

At the moment, if you go around berlin or frankfurt, you will see billboards telling germans, most germans don't like olives, however most have never tried them.

This is an attempt to get people to try opel.

If you look at the february data for sales, sales are up by 15%. that outpaced in terms of sales growth, the industry average.

A lot of people are watching opel and see that the losses are narrowing.

The head of gm in europe wants to break even in two years.

Thank you.

That is one expensive olive, buying a car to try something different.

Here is something that can help gm workers assemble cars.

A wearable robot that gives you superhuman strength.

We checked it out.

I am responsible for the development of the wearable

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