What Did Goldman CEO Blankfein Tell Interns?

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Oct. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein's advice to interns. (Source: Bloomberg)

Concerns is obesity.

70% are afflicted by obesity.

Why is our government shutdown today?


What are we concerned with?

Health care costs.

Last time we heard from goldman sachs ceo lloyd blankfein, he was at the white house talking about the nation's money problems.

Today, we saw a softer, gentler side of lloyd blankfein.

He offered advice to summer interns.

It was not too long ago where i was sitting where you are sitting.

The ceo of the firm seemed so remote and so important, not perfect and well developed.

It is hard to conceive.

We all are stretched, no matter who you think of.

Even with the level of the people you deal with and the uncertainty about the people and consequences that could be right or wrong carry some burdens.

And the fact that not everything i do -- and the fact that everything i do has the potential.

You can work your way through issues that are hard.

More than hard, they are unpleasant and you have to confront them and respond to people who are unhappy with you and walk into rooms and deal with the consequences of that.

You are not on the fund-not fun axis.

-- not fun -- fun-not fun axis.

I kids are in a different place than i am.

I do not know whether it is we that changed or the context where they grew up.

Things have never been more exciting, more interesting, or more accessible.

People say, all of the good ideas are gone.

Look at a kid who wants to be an entrepreneur today.

You can go online and get immediate access.

You still have to do a good job.

You can have access to financing, access to infrastructure.

10 years ago,o --you can start something with $50,000. when i was starting out, we were not communicating by e-mail.

We were communicating by telexes, which were ribbons that people typed out and could not be pulled back.

They would be scrolling through a machine almost like an old- fashioned ticker.

I spent re-hours a day proofreading it.

Maybe this is even more

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