Sun Valley: All Eyes on Titans Making Deals

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July 10 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman reports on possible deals being made at the Allen & Co. conference in Sun Valley, Idaho. Erlichman speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Out because there are 2 looming in the backup that have not been approved yet.

There is definitely discussion around deals that have been announced.

What does it mean for other deals, it is one of the reasons we have come here to sun valley.

Those talks can take place because of the relationships that end up being formed here.

You talk about jeff bezos.

He knows don bramwell, in part because of the time they have spent here in -- he knows don graham well, in part because of the time they've spent here in sun valley.

Sometimes it doesn't happen overnight, but certainly the colonels can start to make sense over time.

People have a chance to discuss the various matters and think about whether or not they should pull the trigger on a deal.

Dish said yesterday is against comcast's merger with time warner cable.

What are you hearing against the various players about this deal specifically?

I think there is definitely going to be a lot of positioning . probably no surprise that dish would come out publicly against the deal.

This is a company that is positioning for its own survival.

The big question is on the content side.

Will we hear more from the broadcasters?

We had a chance to ask a man who runs the weather channel about this situation and here is what he told us.

I think it is the conditions under which the deals are going forward.

We are watching, and we will see as things roll out whether we need to say anything.

At the moment we are just watching.

I would say some of the comments here off the record are similar.

Some of the larger broadcasters to happened technically made a decision on this internally, so they haven't technically gone forward in washington to voice their opinion.

I want to get to the scuttlebutt and some of the new deals -- you read some of the analyst reports of disney for discovery.

What else are you hearing from potential deal-wise?

A lot of people are curious about the emerging world of media and attack.

-- merging worlds of media and tech.

You had one event yesterday where larry page was answering a lot of questions.

Google is doing a lot of interesting stuff.

The other thing should highlight beyond having media and tech executives and some political leaders who show up is just the huge number of sports executives and the league commissioners who now, here because a lot of people talk about the value of live sports and how important that is to the media business.

Phil jackson was one of the keynote speakers yesterday.

I think you will continue to see your out how sports leagues, teams, and rights are figuring themselves out in the new world of media.

Our twitter question of the day is what mega deal you would like to see come out of sun valley.

Scott galloway, i want to put this question to you.

Maybe it is not a mega deal we should look at.

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