Malaysia Flight 370: What Could Have Happened?

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March 10 (Bloomberg) –- Chertoff Group Principal Jayson Ahern and Former Secret Service Director John Magaw discuss the disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370. They speak with Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Thank you for joining us.

What do you think actually happened here?

It is unusual in the fact that there is no mayday call.

No communications after the plane entered vietnam.

No wreckage.

Lex a lot of unusual circumstances.

Investigators will have to get to the bottom of it at this point.

One thing that has raised questions is their art to reportedly lost and stolen passports used by the passengers on board.

I think it is important to note that over the years i have been involved with law enforcement and cross-border activity, one of the most critical incidents that organizations and often times terrorists use our legitimate documents that are stolen so they can go ahead and travel across the border.

Something that happens a lot.

I have had friends lose passports and passports get stolen when you are in the developing world quite often.

Not only tear wrist who are stealing them and traveling with them.

That is right.

I'm doubly more are doing them in a different way.

We have heard a lot about drug trade.

Felons who are on the run.

So it is fairly current.

That part of the world, especially thailand and malaysia, and that part of the world there are a number of people virtually every day who flies with valid -- to fly with credentials not valid.

They do not have to be passports, but most of the time they are.

There is a list that in her pool -- in her pooterpool that can be queried and has 49,000 stolen or lost passports.

So if we were checking against those, it will show up.

I assume not everyone has the technology needed to instantly query the database.

We have it here at jfk and lax but not necessarily all airports and those in this part of the world would have that kind of technology available.

Certainly different parts of the world do not have the same requirements and standards.

Any things were implemented to make air travel more safe and secure.

For instance, making sure databases are queried beginning 74 hours before people travel to the united states to make sure we have legitimate documentation on individuals getting on board the aircraft.

None of the databases that is queried by the u.s. government is the lost and stolen passport database.

Again, not everyone has the capabilities the united states have.

What do you think happened here?

Leaving aside these people traveling with stolen documents, because i am guessing people travel with stolen documents on a large amount of flights, what would cause a plane to go down without anyone hearing from it, starting to show up on radar as a problem?

Very sudden, violent occurrence.

A bomb certainly would do this but it was very sudden, violent, and there was no time to react.

We have seen this, right?

Twa 800 a lot of people and shut down by a rocket but there was such debris in the river.

Is that the one oddity?

If you have a bomb, missile or portable weather occurrence that can bring down planes quickly am a but you would see them somewhere?

One of the things, john would be correct with option he is putting forward.

Could be very simple and basic as the pilot in the it were so focused on the incident they had to manage right away that it came upon them so suddenly that they were not able to give alert or make a mayday call.

So there is a variety of different things that could happen.

An explosion could be one.

Weather could be another.

Speculating about what the circumstances are i am not sure will help solve the mystery.

Those nine countries out there trying to find if there are remains that could lead us to conclude what might have happened.

To get answers for the 230 nine family members are the critical things going forward.

Vista lane talks to you.

The pilots would not have had to activate a mayday.

The plane talks to the ground, control centers, bowling -- boeing on its own entrance and that's without the pilots and it did not, which means to me it was a catastrophic failure of the systems.

Obviously, if we get the wreckage we will have better clues to what happened.

In the recovery of the aircraft, what needs to happen?

Does the u.s. has far and away the best technology to find this and should we be giving as much as we can because it seems malaysia does not have the resources necessary?

I am no export -- expert to be able to handle an accident like this but can only determine him experience in the past our country will be owing to support in the search and recovery and anything post-incident to help with the recovery of the black rocks or any other evidence that could actually get clues or indications for what might have happened.

It isn't working to find out the real circumstances.

I think we will.

In each case we have talked about the one in the atlantic ocean when there was a question whether it was a rocket or not.

It ended up being a empty fuel tank that erupted because of fumes.

It took a year and a half to determine that.

Thank you.

Department of homeland security.

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