Good, but Healthy? What Chipotle Needs to Do Better

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Jan. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Hain Celestial Chairman, Founder and CEO Irwin Simon discusses his outlook for Chipotle on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

That has grown very quickly.

To pull a is we are a big supplier of protein to chipotle.


A bunch of kids walked in and they wanted to bow to him.

It was like he was the dolly lama.

Chipotle is a great retailer for students.

I love it, we go there a lot as a family.

The thing about chipotle when you walk in, it's the freshness of the food.

There is a lot of calories in the breeders.

Are we make in smaller portion sizes?

People feel healthier because they see the food being prepared in front of them.

It gives them a sense that this is fresh.

Even if it has just as many calories as a hamburger.

I get to travel around the world.

I spent quite a bit of time in the uk.

If you walk into a fresh food market or a supermarket and look for the furs and -- frozen food section, it is near the bathroom.

That is the exciting thing aboutchipotle, there make it in front of you.

You get to pick your own choices.

If you want beans and guacamole and cheese, you can pilot on.

You know how many calories you are getting.

You just bought a rice company.


Let me share a study with you that came out recently.

It's a drug addiction and obesity are based on the same neurobiological mechanism.

The animals lost control over their eating habits.

Sugar and fat, that combination, are as addictive as heroin and cocaine.

Look at soda.

Look at some of these high sugar levels in there.

You need your caffeine, i come back and i see 70 drinking soda -- somebody drinking soda.

It is very addicting.

That is what we are trying to wean people off.

I am a big supporter of what mayor bloomberg was trying to do in new york.

Hopefully he got out there with his voice and educated.

Sugar is an addiction.

Very much so.

A disclaimer, the general menu or just discussing is the owner of this company.

You alluded to jcpenney just

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