What Can Sony Do to Survive?

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Feb. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor David Kirkpatrick and Robert Burke, chairman & CEO at Robert Burke Associates, discuss the future of Sony as the company forecasts a $1.1 billion loss on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Corporation that is always behind.

Ever since apple came along, more or less.

I was listening to the report just now.

He comes out of the game business, but not an internet business.

It's sony is going to thrive, somehow they have to thrive in the era of instant and the era of the internet generally.

However good playstation is that he created and built into a multibillion-dollar franchise, it does not really have a connection to the internet cannot give him the kind of savvy i think he needs.

What amazed me is the comment from an analyst at jefferies who pointed out the insurance profit is higher than the group operating profit.

We do not even know about the insurance business, because it is very domestically focused.

Where is the value in the company's consumer electronics business?

He says it is worth zero.

Value would have to be found by real innovation we have not seen yet.

I do not feel that there is a lot of value in it right now.

Tvs are a commodity.

4d are going to be cool, but how many people are going to feel they can do that when the prices plummet anyway gekko y? sony going to sell the tv business and going to team up with window vote for the rest of the tv business.

I want to get your thoughts on lenovo.

-- teaming up with lenovo.

I think the strategy is to become a premier chinese brand.

It already moved in the direction when about the ibm business way back and the keypad continues to be a big business.

They have a wonderful perspective in technology.

I think buying motorola for cell phones is a great thing for them.

They will sell in china and will legitimize them and parts of the world where people may not want to buy a chinese brand.

So i think they are making a really lot -- making a lot of smart moves.

Speaking of brands, i want to talk about the asian consumer.

You hear about the companies like sony that are lacking or falling behind in innovation, how much of that is affected by the fact that the consumers in these countries are by a foreign brands?

They are much more a name or do with apples or burberry's? the asian customer is very global.

You see them traveling more and more to france and paris.



They are now having exposure.

The attraction to a global brand

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