What Are the GOP Alternatives to Obamacare?

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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg View Columnist Lanhee Chen discusses republican alternatives to Obamacare. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Surveillance." what is the alternative that republicans are offering right now, aside from d funding?

What is the productive, constructive effort being offered here?

Good morning.

I think one of the things republicans have been focused on for the last few weeks is the notion that if people like their health plans, they should be able to keep them.

I think that bill has to do with removing some of the federal impediments to people keeping their plans.

Beyond that, it is a macrolevel view that starts with lowering costs.

What about keeping the best parts of obama care?

The parts that consumers and individuals like?

The challenge with obamacare, we are testing to say -- look, key parts of it in place, but the law is really rotten to the core, there is not much you can do to fix, amend, make it better, or change it around the edges.

The reason there is issues with the website is not because tech guys cannot figure out what to do, but because there is something wrong with the structure where of the law.

How about a plan that would have states offering health insurance exchanges for individuals and small businesses?

You do not like the coverage guarantee, the idea that people cannot keep -- cannot get insurance with pre-existing conditions?

We have to do something about pre-existing condition exclusion, no question about it.

The system before was flawed in that way and it needs to be fixed, but the answer is not coming insurers to cover everyone -- that was the paul ryan plan that i just described that egypt -- that he put out two years ago.

They had a plan that was very, very similar to obamacare and obamacare was met -- modeled on mid-romney republican plans from the -- for massachusetts.

First of all, their plan was different, it did not require coverage for everyone, it said we have to figure out ways to get people with pre-existing conditions covered.

We have talked at nausea about the fact that massachusetts and the affordable care act have significant differences.

I realize that the administration likes to wrap its arms around success the governor romney had in massachusetts, but the reality is that the laws are

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