What Are the Best Cities for Tech Jobs?

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Sept. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Alex Douzet, CEO and Co-Founder of TheLadders, discusses the best cities for tech jobs with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Works, where your information comes from.

We are a job matching service.

Would've about 6 million members.

-- we have about 6 million members.

The way we make our money is through a membership-based service.

We offer some value for free.

To be active for all of the services, you can pay $25. you can list jobs, search.

The opposite model of linkedin?

The opposite.


We want to do a better job of matching people with the right to jobs and we studied the we looked at the higher paying jobs will stop -- jobs.

It was important to prevent -- by charging the money, you're keeping the riffraff.

That is right.

Surely focused on tech?

Every industry.

Specifically about tech.

Where are the most tech jobs are right now we look across america?

The most cities, the first one on the list is new york city.

The very city i am in right now.

They're the number one market.

San francisco, chicago, atlanta, dallas.

Is it because new york city is one big city of fiber rose as -- burroughs?

New york is the largest a professional jobs.

Just by the fact, new york will have the most tech jobs.

In a market like san francisco and the bay area, most of the jobs is one of one industry town.

Can you make money here and technology?

Where's the most money being made?

Financial services.

You actually get paid very well.

What cities are we talking about in terms of salaries?

The usual, new york is the place where you get paid the most for tech jobs.

Followed by san francisco, san jose, boston, and austin, texas.


The quality of living and cost- of-living.


-- austin.

As your business grows you are you making money?

What's absolutely.

Detracting focus on technology -- do you try to focus on technology?

It is important for theladders.

We see companies adding jobs.

Also the markets like the silver goods, financials.

Not just solely on technology.

Very important industry for business.

Cofounder of theladders.

Thank you.

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