What Are Sprinklr's Plans for European Expansion?

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Nov. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Sprinklr founder and CEO Ragy Thomas discusses Twitter's IPO and the enterprise side of social media with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)


How is that helping your clients?

Thank you for having me.

We are providing a social relationship platform that all of these large companies use to manage and connect with their audience on social network, including twitter.

We support about 16 different national and international social networking channels, including facebook, twitter, flickr, youtube, etc.

What exactly made twitter want to partner with you?

When a brand opens an account on twitter and they have tens of millions of followers want to talk to them, twitter and other networking solutions were built for consumers.

Brands when they tried to use this platform to connect with their audience, -- they get ignored -- annoyed and ignore it.


There are a million people talking to you.

There is a podium you need, workflow, governance.

They need a lot more technology to make it work for them on their end.

We provide that so the er the middleman -- so that we are the middleman with this technology to make them work together.

And during the super bowl when there was a blackout and oreo had that joke, that is something you would have been in the mix with.


Those platforms and tweets and facebook posts are being monitored, and understood from within our platform.

I know you have just raised more money.

What are you doing with the funds?

We are expanding our sales and marketing, essentially finding the companies that can use our service, and we are expanding internationally.

Which areas in particular?

We just opened an office in the u.k., expanding into europe.

We will follow that up with south america and asia.

I know that your business has grown to something like 300%. that is fairly impressive.

Why the u.k. first?

We are seeing a lot of our global clients need local support in the u.k.. most of our brand needed feet on the street in the u.k. to support their global activities.

It was a logical choice for us.

You have to be honest.

At 300% growth, did that even surprise you?

No, every company large and small will need a solution to help them to adapt to the conversation and the economy where the consumers are empowered, and they will have to form real human relationships at scale and drive business.

Right, because as you say, as the noise level goes up, helping to filter and edit becomes even more important.


More fans and followers flocked to social networking site, and brands need the social networking to follow them.

You need to help the companies get a unified context of the company and the customer across these divisions.

Thank you for joining me.

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