What Are Netflix's Potential Pitfalls?

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July 22 (Bloomberg) -- IDC Research Chief Research Officer Crawford Del Prete discusses his outlook for Netflix with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

What is really interesting is that as viewership starts to change, people immediately think that people will cut the cords and they are going to move to a netflix or some other kind of over the top.

This is not really what is happening.

These are substitutes services.

These are services that people are adding on to what they are getting on a regular basis.

You no longer need just one pair of shoes, you need 50. that is right.

What people are figuring out is that maybe i do not need to get that one set of programming if i can get that show i cannot get from a cable company on netflix.

I will just reading those shows and be able to get that knee that i am looking for.

That is one thing i am looking for.

We started to see this 15 years ago we are seeing more and more.

I want to watch tv when i want to watch it.

I want my shows to be available for me at that time.

That is something that drives people.

Netflix is not the only company involved in wanting to get your attention.

You have companies such as hulu and fox.

Also hbo owned by time warner.

They all want to get in on this.

Is this going to be a mess eventually or are they all going to survive?

You are going to see many companies move in with their own proprietary stacks.

You will have to buy into my hardware platform.

Then there will be people over the top.

Eventually, this will consolidate.

You will start to see consolidation.

Some of the cable companies will start to come in.

Consolidation will be the order of the day in about five years.

This is the wild wild west.

We will see more people coming and trying to figure out a way to get access to these viewers.

This is what we think apple is doing right now.

They're trying to work hard to figure out a way to give them a bigger slice of the pie then maybe they got in the audio world.

I do not think they were that happy with this life that they got.

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