The Fabulous Cars of Europe's Most Powerful People

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Aug. 14 (Bloomberg) -- "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on the cars used to drive European leaders around. (Source: Bloomberg)

European countries have been cutting back to get through the crisis.

The funny thing is you would not be able to tell from the cars shuttling politicians around, especially german chancellor angela merkel, and by the way, she is trying to get reelected.

We find out how the boss's role.

European maces -- european masons -- european nations have been hitting the road.

Which car to choose?

Most european entries have their own automaker, which makes deciding that it easier.

David cameron rides in a jaguar . the royal family use bentley.

Franc½ois armand -- hollande.

Germany, though, is different.

In the name of neutrality and to champion her nation's auto industry, angela merkel has an alley, a bmw, mercedes, and a volkswagen.

The german chancellor has a choice of 20 cars.

With elections just around the corner and her political counterparts choosing to ride bikes, it seems like ms.

Merkel may end up covering a bit more ground.

Ok, well, if you are flying

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