What Apple's Ex-Design Guru Thinks of iOS 7, iPhone

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Sept. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Robert Brunner, founder of Ammunition Design Group, discusses Apple's entry into wearable computing and what he thinks of iOS 7 and the iPhone. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

I've doing?

I think he is doing great.

Obviously very busy.

So when you hear these claims or concerns innovation that apple has stalled, do you agree?

I do not think so.

I think apple has always been innovating and will continue to be innovating.

I think what is going to be interesting is what is next from apple.

They obviously, every iteration they get better and better.

It has gone to the point where you're not surprised anymore.

So i think tom and not even the external pressure, there is -- think, not even the external pressure, there is internal pressure.

The bracelets, galaxy dear from samsung, glasses from google, what does apple need to do to make a dent in this market?

I thought about this other day, in terms of wearables, we have the most successful line, which is our beats headphones.

Three things we have learned a lot of tech companies do not understand.

The first thing is a wearable product, it is not so much about fit, it is about how you feel about it.

That expression it makes.

It is part fashion in part a personal representation.

That is something a technology company is not used to understanding.

If apple put out a smart watch, what does it need to have?

Like i said, it has to feel good -- people have to feel good about wearing it.

That is one of the challenges google glass has.

A number people actually put it on the head is relatively small.

If you think about the number of eyeglasses and watch variations in the world, here is one thing, we want you to wear it all the time.

It is going to be difficult to be adopted.

Apple understands fashion.

They will do something that is different and much more, something people will want to put on.

What you think of ios 7? i think it is great.

Is an amazing?

It's an evolution.

And it's really back to some simple design principles apple got away from an software.

The idea of flat design being new, it is not new.

It is going down to the simplicity and purity and the simple approach.

I think johnny is the right guy to do it.

Then you have an editorial thread through the product.

The new phones are incremental.

I am most excited about the fingerprint scanner because i think it can lead to a different level of functionality.

Some new materials and finishes.

The gold is interesting.

What do you think of the gold?

I was surprised.

It has been amazingly popular.

I'm kind of eating my words on that one.

I thought it looked like desperation.

People seem to love it.

It is the hardest one to get right now.

What would you like to see from johnny ive?

I would like to see apple surprise me and doing something i'm not expecting.

Apple is an amazing company and in the last decade it has been getting better and better at doing great products.

And every time it is an incremental leap but it is incremental.

I would like to see them do some things that are really driving innovation, in design and tech knowledge he.

So i'm expecting to see something that just blows my mind.

That is what i have been missing.

I would like to see that, too.

Robert brunner, like you for

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