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July 1 (Bloomberg) -- Twitter named former Goldman Sachs banker Anthony Noto as chief financial officer, enlisting the executive who led its initial public offering to help the company regain favor with investors. Cory Johnson reports on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Congratulations note?

I did, the second one i've sent in the last month or so.

He is announcing is going to leave goldman sachs and run the technology banking group.

A little back and forth.

Today, announced he will not go to the hedge fund, he will go to twitter.

It is a big move.

He's a guy that has been around technology and back and forth from new york and here for many years.

Back in 1999, 2000, standing at a hotel lobby with him telling me stories about how webmail would be a game changing company and people were listening to him.

This is the kind of guy that could boost the dubious stock.

He got a job as chief financial officer at the nfl.

That helped him get a job going back to goldman sachs.

Now, it helps them once again, not only to bring this message twitter ipo out but go there to defend the company and tell its story to wall street.

Cory johnson, the nasdaq is above 4400. this is used as a boxy for technology stocks.

It has taken the nasdaq 16 years to get back to 44 hundred.

Does a rising tide lifts all boats in the technology sector?


Did you see 3-d systems?

, stocks are running like crazy.

Without it changes from day to day in terms of businesses.

Some big companies are having real issues in terms of road.

There are a lot of interesting things, a lot of changing business models and gets the business excited about the future.

Do you think that i am more of a glass half-empty, half-full, guy?

I cannot tell you for empty?

The shares are up 42% since the ipo.

What are people complaining about?

But, there is 62% since the ipo.

While people see a stock chart moving down, they have to take in mind this thing as trading at 25 times sales.

Because of anthony noto and his success, they have had a lot of momentum that the prices are staying real high.

No wonder we will see a selloff

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