What Does Angela Ahrendts Bring to Apple?

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May 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Tom Giles reports on former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts' new role at Apple. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)


They do not often hire somebody from outside the job.

Not a lot of women at that level at apple.

That was a really important breakthrough with angela.

She brought high-end customers back to burberry at a time that it had lost a lot of its --. it had become too commonplace.

She brought back the high-end customer people, and made it more of a luxury brand again.

That's an important thing to be done at apple right now.

She's technologically savvy.

She made the website a sales hub, which is something burberry was not known for before.

She got a lot done in her tenure at burberry, and she certainly has a lot of header for at apple -- a lot ahead of her at apple.

What kind of things do you expect her to do?

They become crowded, they become this educational hub, a place you get repairs, you test out new things.

They are a busy place.

They certainly rake in a lot of sales, higher per square foot than tiffany, for example.

The thing she has to think about, where do we take the retail store from here?

Apple is on the cusp, we believe, and we are told, of introducing some new products.

More in wearable, more in the tv arena.

She's going to have to accommodate the retail space for these new products.

That's going to be a big challenge.

There is this concern about whether some apple products have lost their luster.

A lot of people are flocking to the other brands for ipads.

Even the mobile phones, which did well last order -- last quarter did well because of a relationship with china mobile.

How do you keep those products vital and attractive?

Apple posted a job for a buzz marketing manager.

Is this a sign that apple is not getting the high-profile exposure with celebrities that it needs?

It's possible.

They've had a very distinct -- they have had a very distinct approach to marketing and their commercials.

Samsung has stolen their thunder in recent years, making fun of the people who line up outside the apple, who believe the apple products are the next big thing.

Samsung has conveyed, the next big thing is here and it is samsung.

It's not apple.

Some people are buying into that, and that's definitely a problem apple will need to overcome.

The products are still very popular.

People in china do not like it when the products are not available.

Apple could use a bit more buzz.

Tom giles, thanks so much.

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