What and When Did NSA Know About Heartbleed Bug?

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April 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Peter Cook reports on the Obama Administration's reaction to reports the NSA knew about the heartbleed bug. Cook speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Target the whole debate.

Quests that is right.

Our colleague on a day, it was like a grenade going off.

The tech community, the privacy community.

The nsa knew about the bug for at least two years and regularly used it to gather critical intelligence.

That was according to two people familiar with the matter.

It also means the nsa left everyday consumers six those to what is described as one of the worst ever to hit.

Undermining the basics.

Two thirds of the website.

The administration and intelligence community effectively challenge the story in denial.

The statement saying in part, reports the nsa or any other part of the government were aware of the vulnerability before 2000 working are wrong.

The statement went on to explain, for the first time ever, how the administration handles these kinds of situations.

This is significant.

The ministration takes seriously as a ability to maintain an open and interoperable secure and reliable internet.

Process is nice toward responsibly disclosing certain -- such vulnerabilities.

In most cases some of the government will disclose a security flaw to the public, but there is a big exception for national security and that is what is arcing the larger debate.

Is a big deal for the tech community.

Quests it is a big deal.

It has is ms.


There is a fear that the policy here would be used against them as they conduct business overseas.

They are being hit i foreign competitors and our equipment is safer because of the nsa possibility to crack american products, that sort of argument.

They worry this policy might expose them to business risk.

The other part of the debate is national security.

Should the nsa always be handing this information over right away?

Should it try to uncover national security?

That debate will keep on going in congress.

The entire situation will certainly trigger a lot more conversation.

That's absolutely.

Thank you so much.


-- peter cook.

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