What a Janet Yellen Fed May Look Like

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Nov. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on Janet Yellen's confirmation hearings. (Source: Bloomberg)

The sony computer entertainment ceo.

How kmart turns your $300 purchase into a 400 dollar one.

In motors, how to build them -- into a $400 one.

We are going to start with nations.

Investors around the globe heard from the woman tapped to succeed ben bernanke.

See -- she should just did -- she suggested she would keep the piece of -- pace of the recovery.

But who is she?

She takes seriously what people talking to her have to say, especially if it does not agree with what she personally agrees.

She is respectful and open to other ideas.

People feel like they have been heard when they talk to her.

Investors heard janet yellen loud and clear yesterday.

She will maintain stimulus, but she will make some changes.

She made comments referencing making up for past mistakes, which i found interesting.

When you read some of the papers that came out from senior fed staffers at the imf conference, there is this idea that the fed is looking at nominal gdp targeting, letting inflation run a little higher.

What about that inflation target?

2% is the perfect zone from a market if.

2.5% -- 2% is the perfect zone from a market perspective.

An actual inflation rate of 2.5% is still a pretty decent zone for the market.

How long before we reach 2% or 2.5% inflation?

We have been stuck in this load 1% range or a while.

We will gradually edge up to 2%. she highlighted that.

She was forthright and basically critiquing congress saying they had not helped to get the recovery going.

The fed needs to see the proof and the putting.

You can see that housing and labor are recovering.

She talked about how we have made some progress but there is still a lot of road to go.

They are going to be very cautious.

What challenges would janet yellen phase as the fed chairman?

It will take some time to disengage from being the vice chair and becoming the chair.

She is on record as being more dovish d since the mostovi -- most dovish.

She looks for the alt -- the optimal path.

Zero rates for eight years.

She is saying the forecast is for 2015. she is already a year past what the committee is saying.

It will be interesting to see who changes their view.

Many investors expect more from -- more of the same from a potential janet yellen fed.

We were going to triple the balance sheet.

We added qe2 and qe3. the first qe created abid -- created a bid.

Do we really need to do qe3 or qe4 ever?

We are down to 7.3. those are material changes.

We have a housing market that has been up 19 months in a row.

We have a relatively stable financial market.

That lower risk premium feeds into business's ability to make investments.

-- business' ability to make investment.

How do we know when to take it out?

Are we going to generate too much inflation or not?

Both janet orban --or ben - or ben are never -- or ben are

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