West Warns Russia Not to Annex Crimea

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March 17 (Bloomberg) -- Harvard University Professor Nicholas Burns discusses the latest news on the crisis in Ukraine and Crimea on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Diplomacy at the kennedy school.

House of the west respond?

Wonderful to have you here this morning.

When we look at nato and we look at the response of brussels, can there be a coordinated response to mr.


If the united states excellent to -- on its own on sanctions and the european union does not reciprocate, the impact will not be nearly as much as the west wants to be.

Eu foreign ministers are meeting in brussels to decide what to do.

I think you will see a sliding scale of sanctions.

Right now the regional parliament declared independence.

We will see if putin moves to annex crimea.

Do financial sanctions work or is there another quality of sanctions that can be more effect if?

Financial sanctions, we have seen in the iran case, financial sanctions make a difference.

Because there is an oligarchy aroundputin, it may be ultimately, not today, but ultimately that is where the sanctions go -- because there is an oligarchy around putin.

I don't think that is where the eu and the u.s. will start.

They will have a gradation.

Adam johnson, that seems to be the key distinction, the smallness of the group around the russian leader.

Professor burns, how is it we can talk about sanctions when in fact the eu accounts for 75% of direct foreign investment into russia and russian accounts for about a third of the energy imports into the eu?

And inconsistent eu response over the last few weeks.

While the united states says there has to be a cost for putin, you see a lot less on the eu side.

There are six of those countries that rely on russian national -- natural gas to power their economies.

There are limits to what the europeans can do here.

I expect a stronger response than the united states.

Let me bring in richard falkenrath.

Meghan o'sullivan destroys the hydrocarbons card for the united states and the west.

If we don't have a hydrocarbons card, dr.

Falkenrath, what do we have?

Very little direct leverage over vladimir putin.

One thing i would like to ask nick, he knows diplomacy is a book -- combination of carrots and sticks.

We have mostly been talking about sticks and they are very small.

Are there any carrots, positive inducements we can offer vladimir putin to get him to come down?

One thing that has been tossed out is promising the new july's ukraine, never to take it in -- neutralize ukraine, never to take it into nato.

? it has been an important principle since all the american presidents since the end of the cold war that any european democracy ought to have at least the right theoretically to join nato nde you -- nato and the eu.

Secretary kerry talked to the russian foreign minister yesterday and president obama spoke to vladimir putin yesterday and they are floating this idea to the russians of autonomy of crimea inside a russian ukraine.

We have seen the parliament and crimea declare its independence.

When you look at the response, i was thunderstruck how ukraine was not on the cover of the papers on friday.

Yeah, it is there this morning.

Have you been surprised about the lack of media response to this new affirmation of the cold war?

It is a big story in europe and the european press.

It had been big in our press until the mystery of the malaysian airplane.

But i think you will see it come back as a major story this week because putin is going to address the russian parliament.

He is going to have to say what will happen to an independent crimea, whether treated as an eternal brother by moscow or whether he will and sit.

If he does that and annexes crimea and it becomes part of the russian federation, then i think the and the united states have to consider the more serious sanctions --eu and the u.s. have to consider more series sanctions good what does russia have to gain severing ties?

I don't think they think they will sever the ties with the west.

I think they believe they are so mutually advantageous they will not go apart.

There may be short-term punishment but if they successfully annex write me a and cement control, eventually the rest of the world will have to -- annex crimea and cement control, eventually the rest of the world will have to -- putin does not want to go down as the leader who lost ukraine.

He didn't. that was mikhail gorbachev.

There is a global implication to the crisis.

Not just the big story in europe, but the big story in asia.

Last week at an event with the council on foreign relations with a major asian ambassador, saying everyone on china's periphery is watching this with great nervousness because of the signal it sets of that territory can be annexed and the united states government will do nothing forceful about that.

That is a critical point.

Nick burns, what is an annexation?

Could not hear your question.

What is an annexation?

It would be a legal move by the russian federation to declare crimea as part of its territory.

It would be a fundamental break with the united nations, with international law.

I just want to say, i agree with richard.

Putin thinks he can get away with this.

He thinks he can divide europe and america.

He is banking on the fact there will be a weak response.

I also agree that at a time china is starting to bully smaller nations in the south china sea over territory emanations like the philippines, they are going to be watching to see the depths of response from the united states, so this is a time president obama really has to lead and come forward with some strong measures both in sanctions but also to unite the nato allies in europe and to send signals to our allies in japan and the philippines and asia that we are going to protect them as well.

So i think looking for a marek and leadership, stronger american leadership -- american leadership and stronger american leadership is necessary.

93% of crimea and in theory voted to effectively become part of russia, according to exit polls.

Isn't that legitimate enough for about two and the international community -- four vladimir putin?

The kind of numbers economists had in the soviet era.

He of the military occupation of crimea.

You have part of the population declaring a boycott.

You had out right intimidation of ukrainians and crimea.

Of course it was 94% because the russians manufactured the boat.

It was not legitimate and certainly not legal.

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