Welch: Give GM's Mary Barra Every Break in World

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Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Jack Welch Management Institute Executive Chairman Jack Welch discusses his outlook for GM CEO Mary Barra on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Innovation, or would you say it is more challenging because she cannot offer dividends?

You have to hope so if those are her takes.

She has the ticket punched.

She started there.

She worked her way up through stanford.

Let's give her every break in the world.

I hope she knocks it out of the park.

You have the chairman in a given row, the president in a different role, the ceo -- what does it look like when you have a lot of cooks in the kitchen trying to run the company?


Everybody goes shopping.

Does this set mary barra up to fail?

Let's hope not.

There are multiple levels.

If i go to you for a deal and i do not like it, i go to trish.

How difficult is it going to be for mary barra to keep a guy like dan happy?

He was the cfo, now he is the president.

How tough is it because we have seen what happened to ge?

Dan ammann may not be exactly what she wants, but she is getting delivered him.

Will she ever fully trust him?

Was she always be worried he was gunning for her job?

I do not know mary barra, so i do not know what her style is.

She might have a style that accepts having someone next-door that is shooting bullets rather than giving hugs.

I do not know.

Big deal, a woman.

I like to see that.

You think about the change in corporate culture.

We have jeannie at ibm.

You could still lift them on one and.

-- one hand.

We are watching apple.

China mobile is offering a free iphone with the most expensive data plan and it is subsidizing

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