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Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Acquia CEO Thomas Erickson discusses the company's business model with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Social has been an add-on until now.

People want to be able to integrate their social with their regular content.

Another good example is warner music.

If you go to see david goalie or paramore, you want to be able to see -- say, what concerts are coming up, where can i buy tickets.

You want to get into the community of other fans and blended together.

We are creating the opportunity for people to blend their content, community, and e- commerce.

If i go on the site for warner music, because they are using your system, you are supporting this open architecture of navigating?

That's right.

Where there is a change in online behavior of people who are using the web, they want to be able to go there and find everything they are looking for when in the past that might have gone to a store and use the web as a complement.

Now the web is the center of their digital experience and what they are trying to do.

We mentioned a few different kinds of media companies, but also a university, also the government.

Are there universal truths to what all of your clients want from you?

It's back to what you said earlier.

They want faster innovation.

We deliver that through an open- source product which is kind of unique.

The product we work with is the largest open-source community community in the world with almost a million members.

Over 20,000 developers.

Over time, this contributed to this product.

We enable people to use that are lively and with security.

So it is like lennox in another universe?

-- linux in another universe?


As far as the ways you are moving the company forward, you have talked in the past about the three c's. are these still the tenets you are focused on?


In the past you might have to go out and purchase those different systems from different companies.

It was hard to get them to work together.

You had an incoherent digital experience online.

To do that anyway the changes at the pace of the web.

People change them daily on websites to try to optimize the experiences.

That creates a lot of fragility great.

You went through series e, which is close to 70 million total.

What are you doing with the money?

We are investing for growth, going beyond the product development phase.

Now we are spending tremendously internationally.

We are opening a number of facilities in europe and asia.

We are increasing our marketing . awareness is an important thing.

Out of curiosity, when you are expanding, are they private businesses, listed corporations, or governments or mixed?

Most of our stuff is governments or listed businesses.

We were currently -- work heavily in pharmaceuticals, entertainment, high-tech.

But also intel and symantec use this product.

What kind of metrics are you judging yourself on?

Today, the biggest thing for us is our growth.

A number of customers and the size of those customers, that is the most important thing.

We are following the companies that are ipo and the enterprise software.

The thing that investors are rewarding the most is growth.

That tends to be what we focus on.

Focusing on customers and making sure you have more of them, that is a formula that works in any business.

Thank you very much, tom erickson, ceo of acquia.

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