Weather Making Discounters Desperate: Flickinginer

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Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Burt Flickinger, retail analyst at Strategic Resource Group, talks with Tom Keene about how winter weather has impacted retail sales in today’s “This Matters Now” on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


But we were at the mall of america, so in the frozen hundred of the shoppers get to the stores, but not in most of america.

Fifth avenue and 59th street, the puddles of water by the curb were wide as lake erie.

You cannot get to the stores.

How ugly will it be and how big will the discounts be march and april?

Discounts will move to desperation.

On 5th avenue, shoppers are still not going to the stores, not even h & n and the lower-priced -- h&m and the lower-priced retailers.

You will have higher vacancy rates.

Shopping center owners will have a tremendous amount of problems.

He anchors like pennies, sears, kmart struggling financially's. -- key anchors like jcpenney, sears, kmart.

Credit watches as well.

Spring -- fashion week in new york and all that -- is bring a big deal in fashion?

Spring is a huge deal and fashion.

As bloomberg reported, we had fashion week in new york dared what is really concerning about the winter weather is apparel was down in the u.s. department of commerce report yesterday, where it should've been the best of times for peril, the worst of times.

Who is getting it right?

Checking in the malls and see what is moving.

Who right now, even with them weather, is doing better than good?

Jerry lundgren and his merchants at macy's, my macy's, macy', nordstrom's and, those are the real winners.

For valentine's day, tiffany's way up.

Hermes, bur barry, john lewis the u.k. doing exceptionally well.

I look at this and that is all about women, women, women.

What is a valentine's day gift for men right now?

What would women be buying for men this valentine's day?

Women may be buying champagne.

The president of -- who also wrote french women don't get fat -- recommends grand dame.

If i drink -- however you say

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