Every Day Should Be Valentine's Day: eHarmony CEO

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Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) -- eHarmony Founder and CEO Dr. Neil Clark Warren discusses the growth of the dating site on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Valentine's day?

What happens to traffic for you guys?

We have five times the traffic on valentine's day.

We wish every day were valentine's day.

I bet you do.

I bet you don't see that kind of growth the rest of the year.

How does that tie into the way your business is growing in terms of users or revenues, compared to the rest of the year?

We have grown 50% in our business during the past 12 months.

Everything is growing very rapidly.

Valentine's day, especially since this year there is a four-day holiday, it is the top of the top.

What you think of some of these newer dating apps like tinder?

That's kind of popular right now.

But we don't think very much of it.

We have 25% marital satisfaction rate in america the way it is.

Eharmony tries to do in depth matching.

If you don't do that kind of in depth matching, we think the divorce rate will get even higher.

We don't think for a much of these sites that throw people together.

I know people who use tinder who are in a serious and committed relationship.

Wouldn't it be better if your customers did not find love so often, because then they would keep coming back to you?

Is not a problem with the business of dating websites -- isn't that the problem with the business of dating websites?

We have always tried to say to ourselves, do it the best way we know how.

I have been a psychologist for 40 years.

We brought in a large group of social scientists and we tried to do it the best we can.

If other people can do it as best we can, we salute them and congratulate them and encourage them to keep doing it.

Marriage sure does need all the help it can get.

When you look at mobile and anything, especially in dating, it seems the revenues are less than they were online.

Do you think you will make as much in the mobile business as you did in the online business?

47% of the people who apply to us now are applying to us from a mobile device.

It's a challenge to make that work, but we think it's a great opportunity.

As soon as people get used to the idea -- we have to on romantically leave it there.

We are out of time.

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