We've Got to Get Spending Under Control: Rep. Black

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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) comments on the U.S. budget negotiations and the Affordable Care Act. She speaks with Adam Johnson and Cristina Alesci on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

The meeting?

The important thing was to listen to what to dr.

Allman dorf had to say about the future budget outlook and recognize one of the things we have in common with our counterparts on the other side of the aisle is that we recognize we have to get our spending under control and get our debt under control because that affects the future and security of our country and future generations like my grandchildren.

The deficit is down significantly versus where it was a year ago.

Sequestration had something to do with that area is sequestration necessarily a bad thing?

Although i don't like the across-the-board cuts, it's not the way we should do our household budgets.

I do things in a more laserlike fashion, but it shows it would reduce spending and things that operate here in our country, this is the first time since the 1950s we have been able to cut the budget for two years in a row.

We need to take a look at the way we do that and do it in a more laserlike fashion, but that is a good thing.

If we don't do anything, the sequester goes into effect in january and doesn't close down the government because we have a plan for what will happen if the budget committee is not successful.

I am hopeful we can find a way to work together.

What is the plan if you cannot reach an agreement i that january deadline?

We still have the sequester them place.

The law will continue to take affect.

We already had that set forward in the budget control act.

The sequester is there and it will take affect.

The country will not close down, but we need to find a way to work together with the senate.

Since i've been here, we are into what we call regular order.

Even a small step toward deficit control and keeping our debt under control is a step toward a positive thing for the future.

Even if we can get a small act out of this, it would be a success.

You are a former er nurse.

I/o people like you a lot because you've helped me many times over the year.

You are not a fan of the affordable care act.

Why not?

I believe what we are seeing happen right now is just stating.

We talk about numbers, but i want to talk about people.

People call me and tell me they are losing their coverage.

We have had 28,000 people who lost insurance in one day when our state had to drop what they were doing because it didn't meet the criteria in the affordable care act.

These are real people, so i'm not in favor of turning our entire system over when we could have taken care of the problems it was supposed to address.

We are seeing just a of the station of health care in our country.

Thank you for joining us.

You are so welcome.

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