We’re Trying to Win That Core Gamer: Xbox’s Spencer

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June 11 (Bloomberg) -- Head of Microsoft’s Xbox Division Phil Spencer discusses game playing and the company’s focus on games for the console on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Basketball team that plays down the street, you might be spending even more time in los angeles?

Love l.a.. good show for us here.

To emily's point, the fact that this year is really about gamers, give us context into how much gameplaying takes place on the xbox.

And --. how many hours per day, per week , to try to understand how focused you guys are.

One of our focuses the xbox one was two-putted at the center of your gaming entertainment.

Now we are looking at it in the home, five hours, six hours per day that the boxes being used, watching tv, playing games, always connected to their friends.

We have had over one billion voice commands issued on xbox one since launch.

We are kind of at that point in the release where the real xbox enthusiasts have their hands on it, but now comes the next leg of the broader appeal.

What role do the enthusiasts, the gamers, the people who will be commenting on everything you are showcasing play into extending the sales of the xbox franchise?

Early adopters in any category are the people giving you feedback on things you're trying to do.

The focus is ahead.

When it comes to your titles, halo is obviously something you are looking ahead to, but what got a lot of kudos was the fact that you were taking the previous versions of that franchise and making them available on one disc.

It almost raises the question -- how come you did not do it sooner?

You would think that the beginning of the generation, we are only an hour or stole holiday this november.

You will have the master chief collection.

All four of those on one disc, available for $60. a great value to kick off your library with an iconic character.

Last year there was the big focus on the television initiative.

There was the discussion of stephen spielberg doing a halo tv show.

I know you have been working on that.

There were reports of possibly teaming up with showtime on that.

Any light that you can shed?

We are not announcing anything around that opportunity here.

Here what we are talking about is the master chief collection, as well as halo nightfall, a collaboration with ridley scott.

Halo is one of those stories that i think and transcend games.

We have seen great success in books and video and we will continue to look at how we can make more people fall in love with that universe.

Phil, thanks a lot.

Thank you.

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