We're Bullish About July Jobs Report: Deloitte CFO

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Aug. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Deloitte CFO Frank Friedman discusses how the company is adding jobs and the outlook for the July employment report with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Criticized the obama it administration as showing no respect for the law.

Today, lawmakers have their first look at a pentagon strategic review that outlines high-stakes actions to come.

Yang yang is in washington with more on this story.


Good evening.

Ever since these cuts began, the big question is how the pentagon will respond.

We may now have an answer.

Today, ashton carter and the vice chairman of the joint chiefs of brief the house armed services committee on the pentagon's conclusions on strategic choices and management review.

The review considered the pentagon's future across three different budget scenarios.

Ranging $150 cuts to five hundred billion dollars if the sequester it stays in place, and in in between scenario of 250 billion, and these are in addition to the nearly 500 billion already under implementation.

What can they do?

They presented it as a choice between the military ranks or wrap and.

The army would shrink from 490 thousand soldiers to 380000 and it has not been that small since the 1950's. there would also be fewer navy aircraft carriers and aircraft -- air force bombers.

The military would have to impose a modernization holiday to choose a size and the weapon system would be less effective against more 10:00 to the -- more technologically advanced adversaries.

The pentagon made no final recommendations among the options, they did warn that if sequestration sticks, it would break some parts of the strategy no matter how met -- how the cuts were made.

One expense they will not be sparing, the president's next helicopter.

No one besides the incumbent ever emerged.

Y echo that is right.

Contract bidding wars are usually a thing of great excitement here.

We did not get that satisfaction here this time.

It is worth as much $6.7 billion to create -- replace the president's current.

Why the company has not publicly said why, some question the openness of it.

No one at the company jumped at the chance, leaving him on its own.

Here is a rendering of the proposed 1, a modified version of the helicopters around the world.

It is not the official winner just yet.

The navy still has to prove it, which could take more than a year.

Thank you.

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