Scarlett Johansson's Line 'Too Much' for Fox: CEO

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Jan. 30 (Bloomberg) –- Sodastream CEO Daniel Birnbaum discusses the controversy surrounding Sodastream’s ad for the Super Bowl. He speaks to Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Millions in about 90 seconds.

Unfortunately, it has become a pattern now.

I guess someone is trying to protect the big guys he does maybe we are too threatening to them since we have a solution which, in my opinion, is a lot smarter than the way they do it.

It's a lot healthier for americans and a lot healthier for the planet.

So let's keep sodastream toned down and maybe not let america hear the truth, but america does deserve to hear the truth, and we are going to make sure we figure out ways so that america does hear the truth.

Youtube is one way, and there's others as well.

Here you are talking about it with me right now.

In some ways, does this help you?

All the additional publicity surrounding this "censorship," as you refer to it?

It has given us plenty of additional publicity, but it's not something we asked for.

I had my choice, i would rather air the ad as it was created originally with the line, "sorry, coke and pepsi." some people accuse me of deliberately creating the situation, and that's not the case at all.

We just had that one line that scarlett johansson says, and even that is too much for fox to air.

If you just mention the companies, that's too much?

Yeah, that's all we did.

We live in a world where competitors advertise against each other.

Coke and pepsi constantly show competitive product, as other advertisers do, but we cannot do that.

As an american, i'm upset and ashamed and disappointed because america should be a democratic society, and freedom of speech should be very important.

Actually, we are going to be running this spot in russia -- in russia -- to make the point that what runs in russia does not run in the united states.

Come on, guys.

I will take this opportunity to turn to fox and ask them to reconsider -- run the ad.

Your spokesperson is an ambassador for an anti-poverty organization, which has said it opposes all trade from israeli settlements.

How do you think this affects your marketing?

You know, that's a whole different controversy.

We have enough challenge revolutionizing the beverage industry.

We are also revolutionizing the peace process in the middle east.

It so happens we have a factory in the west bank, which is a controversial location, but we are utilizing that location to employ palestinians and bring people together, and by doing that and paying everyone equal wages, equal benefits, equal opportunity, what we are doing is creating an island of peace.

And setting an example for coexistence in the middle east.

For some reason, they did not support that, but what i did upon the encouragement of scarlett johansson -- i invited the president of oxfam america to visit the factory and see for himself the work we are doing there, and i still have not heard back whether he is coming, but i'm confident that when he does, he will embrace what we do in this factory because we are working for peace.

Let me just ask you about sales right now.

You had a weak holiday sales quarter, and we have seen this not just with you, but a lot of retailers over all.

The concern is that american consumers just are not really spending in the way that people had anticipated.

Is that going to continue to 2014? we are in a time when i cannot discuss financials, but i can tell you that we have lost none of our optimism and bullishness about the potential of our business in the united states and elsewhere in the world.

We have markets where we have household penetration over 20%. in finland, in sweden, and there's no reason why the united states should not embrace soda to space stream the same way.

Every 10 seconds, another family joins our community, so this is probably the fastest growing beverage brand in the world, and i do anticipate that growth to continue into 2014 and well beyond.

Commercials obviously a big part of the super bowl.

Having a good time trying to

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