We’ll See A Lot More Pharmaceutical Deals: Chouhan

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April 24 (Bloomberg) -- Naresh Chouhan, Head of European Pharma Research at Liberum Capital, discusses the busiest time for pharmaceutical deals in five years and outlook for more deals to come. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The earnings will be changed in the future as all these companies find their battleground.

What we have seen in novartis this morning is strong results.

Currency has been a big issue and will continue to be a big issue.

Pharma continues to be the main driver in novartis.

That is somewhere they have strength.

That is what we saw with the gs k deal.

At astra, the results were disappointing because they were investing for the future.

We see investments in the new pipeline.

And we have seen an investment in a new diabetes asset they have launched.

I think for astra, the key is about how they can execute on the pipeline.

In fact, when you look at the share price, astrazeneca has gained 2.5%. earnings were lower but investors are focusing on the pipeline and the drugs they have that will be working.

What is going to be the most revolutionary thing coming out of the pharma sector?

A lot of the mna has been done with the large caps.

You are right to say they have been specialized and become more focused.

That has been the theme for the last five years.

We have lots of spinoffs, divestitures which novartis did relatively recently.

A lot of that has been done.

They have been under pressure for the last few years to do this.

What we are now seeing is at the mid-cap level, you saw the big bid by valiant.

That is what we will see a lot more.

Thank you so much for all of that.

Naresh chouhan, head of european pharma research.

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Ukraine's resumption of its

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