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Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) -- HSN CEO Mindy Grossman discusses how HSN's partnership with Univision came about and the secret behind the company's success. She speaks with Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Reaches 95 million households, univision each is 96% of the hispanic households, how did this come together?

We were introduced to randy falco up by tommy hilfiger.

We felt there was a tremendous opportunity to really expand our customer base and take advantage of the fact that this is the fastest-growing consumer segment and it will be driving the economy for the next couple of years.

We hundred index with the consumer base.

What we are seeing is the customer was younger, more affluent, more diverse.

Who better to have an authentic relationship than with a trusted brand like univision.

Just looking at hsn's demographic, 80% female, 25-54. what kind of customer are you looking for with this?

We are looking for customers that stimulate the customers that we have.

Not just the demographic but the psychographic.

Why she wants to learn about new products, great stories, why she wants to find discoveries.

We feel there is a huge untapped audience that is not aware of what we have to offer.

In english or in?

It is going to be all in spanish.

We think that goes back to authenticity.

How can she be communicated to watching the program that she loves the most.

This morning we announced the launch of our partnership.

We were able to animated this on our own network.

The companies that are initially involved, apple, wolfgang puck, companies that we know.

What can we do differently?

I don't know if they need to do anything differently.

What we're doing in in terms of our boutique online is that we have partnered with them to sort and a curate the products that we think will be most relevant to their audience.

We have 16 storefronts.

Certainly, we are going to learn.

If you take a businesslike land column, they are very much looking to reach that audience and they have looked at what products also make sense.

We are partnering with our brands as they are putting their efforts ahead and also partnering with univision to make sure that those brands and products are right.

We will learn a tremendous amount.

In the press release come you talk about storytelling, emotional connections.

We do this 24 hours a day.

The way we think of our business, no matter what form it is on, great product, great stories, great storyteller.

How we are inspiring people to interact with products.

We inspire, we don't sell.

That is what people want to take away today.

They want to be given ideas, information, inspiration.

They want to be entertained.

Digital is huge.

37% of your sales.

How about integrating this into the digital last form?

Univision is a digital platform and we will be expanding that into mobile and tablet as well.

Mobile is our fastest-growing platform.

It is 12% of our total sales.

We are number nine in the global 500 for mobile retail.

We believe that we have to think of our business and reaching the customer.

In particular, the latina customer, mobile is first.

We will have an imitation across all of our platforms.

What is the goal for this first holiday season?

Well, you know, we are going to learn a lot.

We are testing.

We want to get great feedback.

We want it to be a kickoff so we can go into 2014 very strategically.

There are fantastic partners.

We are looking for a long-term relationship.

Mindy grossman, and graduations on the new venture

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