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Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) –- Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor discusses his site's new video player and the future of online video with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Is the chief executive of the company.

Thank you for being here.

I miss mentioned growth.

Explain for people that may be new to this world of television on the internet.

Vimeo is a video sharing service.

What sets it apart is the high- quality video sharing platform for both the video creators and video viewers.

Because it is internet-based that started on the desktop but with the migration to any device, phone or tablet or computer, including the television, a cantilever video streams to anyone and the devices in full hd quality.

Do you consider yourself a network?

That is one way to think of it.

One interesting thing is it is a two-way service.

Unlike a traditional cable network where it is a one-way stream that viewers are consuming, they can upload their own content.

It is a network comprised of video that is added by users.

There are two types of users.

There is video creators and users.

The net result is a large network of video content.

We are reaching 150 million viewers a month worldwide.

The content is contributed by other services.

One way that your viewers and customers are different is out one pays in one does not.

Quite so that is evolving.

One of the key differentiators is vimyeo has been a subscription service for many years now.

People can upload a certain amount of content for free.

We also charge for more storage space and other storage base.

--and other futures.

If you have a two-hour video you have to pay more.


You're going to need an upgraded account and.

You can try it to free and then pay for the upgrade.

That is a nice business for us.

We just disclosed without past 400 thousand paying subscribers to that service.

The interesting thing is how we also are looking at paid opportunities on the viewer cited.

The creators, we now empower them to charge a viewers intern for their content.

It has created a service called vimeo on-demand where creators can set their own price and the geographic availability, determine whether it is a rental or a download.

We have seen incredible traction.

We launched at about nine months ago.

We now have 5000 titles in the paid catalog and we are seeing exciting attractions.

Both creators and viewers are paying to use the vimeo service.

What works best for this new service?

And runs the range.

One of the most exciting things is in the same way vimeo has established a community of high- quality content, the same as holding true for the paid content.

While it is of the highest quality it can be things like action sports content or instructional content as well as independent film, drama, comedies.

It is not content you would traditionally see on television.

It is very high.

We think we are tapping into a huge trove of content that is not fighting its way through traditional outlets.

Will that still involve the videos made by people going on vacations and people wanting to share certain things with their own group of friends?

Vimeo is open to creators of all levels.

We have individuals who use it for their personal media.

It is less likely they will be charging for their content.

Their intent is not to create a global audience.

It is to share with people who are relevant.

It also works for the more professional filmmaker or creators who is looking for an audience.

And is frankly looking for the flexibility to go direct to the audience incident knocking on traditional hollywood doors.

Explain what is going on.

The on-demand service has been launched for about nine months.

Today we just launched a new feature that is really a great step forward.

We announced an entire rebuild of the player which is the core assets of the entire service.

The player is now much faster.

We think the interface is cleaner and more beautiful.

What it does is it allows a the content to be purchased.

E.g. not only have to come back to purchase it.

Whatever the player is embedded you can also purchase the content right there.

They can now do so using the player.

It reminds me of amazon being on that in between space between the smaller purveyor of goods and the wider audience.

Should we be so lucky to have as comprehensive of a video catalog?

I think the analogy does hold.

What we provide is a platform that enables creators to connect directly with their audiences.

Now we are enabling them to earn revenue in the process of connecting with no viewers -- with those viewer.

Whether you are looking to build a global audience or small audience, vimeo provides the highest quality video platform for individuals to do that.

You can almost create your own custom channel.

I am wondering if your parent company would be able to create his own channel.

What do you think he watches?

I will not speculate in terms of -- he is a great content producer.

He is.

He is excited about the traction vimeo has been specifically what we are doing around the vimeo on-demand service.

We see the possibilities in terms of the types of content and the geographic distribution of that content.

It is incredibly exciting because you are not restricted in either respect.

We think we are tapping into what really is a largely undiscovered trove of high- quality content where creators can go direct to their audiences and retain control.

An exciting thing is they may not have access through traditional means but even if they do, they can get to market a lot faster.

They do not have to wait to do traditional deals.

You providing them with the toolkit.

It is instant access.

You say how can you continue to grow this inside of iac?

Is this the next generation of the parent company?

You just did this whole revamp of the vimeo site.

What is changing?

Iac has been a holding company for digital assets for the 10 year anniversary this year.

Iac has been very successful acquiring assets, growing them organically.

Vimeo is one of the cases of the latter.

We are entering an exciting phase of our growth.

I think this is a really exciting sign of just how bullish we are and just how bullish it is over all in the role that the asset can play in bringing value to the overall company.

Is there any schedule as to when you would want to be independent no.

It is a very transactionally oriented company.

It is about creating value.

We agreed the best place is that it continues to grow where it is we are pleased with the access to resources that we get.

Our goal is to grow it as

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