We Are Squarely in Disruptive Economy: Hidary

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April 4 (Bloomberg) -- Former Dice Inc. Chairman and CEO Jack Hidary discusses job security in the “second machine age” on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Can completely replace with robots.

Stay with me.

Jack is eager.

You are right in the thick of this change.

People say, this is troubling for me.

What kind of an economy are we going to have when low-paying jobs are being completely phased out?

We are squarely in a disruptive economy.

Where is blockbuster or tower records?

There is also an opportunity here.

Take tesla as example.

It is up five times from its ipo.

It took over a factory in fremont, california that gm used to have an created lots of jobs.

How did it do so?

How did it manage to create its cars on u.s. soil using some?

You can see both humans working there and robots, side by side.

Those jobs are changing the nature.

Instead of just a human screwing in the bold, the robot does that.

But the human need more training to operate that robot.

Tesla was able to use automation to keep those jobs on u.s. soil.

I don't argue against that.

This is why the government -- now you take it back to washington.

This is why the president and democrats say, we need to extend long-term unemployment benefits and increase wages for minimum-wage workers because some of those jobs that are being replaced or excluding a whole segment of this country who were not able to now find another job.

They can't get that retraining.

Now they are in no man's land when it comes to finding a job.

We need to focus on this training component.

Look at other disruptions coming down right now.

Amazon made his big announcement about its fire box.

What implications will that have four people at time warner cable and comcast?

Consumer behavior will start changing at home.

People will start watching more over the internet.

We need to get in front of those kinds of trends and provide training to those workers to say, these are new disruptive trends that are coming.

Let's get you that trendy.

The good news is, we don't need

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