We Are Confident of the Security Plan: Zenkel

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Jan. 22 (Bloomberg) –- NBC Olympic Broadcast Group President Gary Zenkel and NBC Olympics Coverage Executive Producer Jim Bell discuss the security concerns surrounding the Olympic games in Sochi with Princeton University Professor of Economics Alan Krueger, Mark Crumpton and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Many times in preparation for the coverage.

What has been dominating the headlines so -- so far, the threats of vladimir putin and what his administration are facing.

We have thousands of police and troops there.

How has this affected the planning for the coverage of the games?

It has not affected planning.

We have done nine games each.

We have seen two olympics in their preparation, and there have been security fears.

We remember salt lake city six months after the attacks of 9/11. we remember the aft -- athens games, which had a tremendous amount of security fears going in.

We are always very aware of potential security risks around the planning of any big event.

The events of the last few months have essentially heightened awareness among those here.

Our planning, in very close coronation with the u.s. government and the russian olympic planners, and of course the russian security planners leaves us very confident there is a very serious plan and a tremendous amount of resources deployed by the russians.

You mentioned coordination with the russian government.

Any restrictions been placed on you and your team?


we are operating within the olympic precinct.

The benefits of the way the sochi games are set up, with a coastal cluster with all the indoor venues aligned in one location, and the mountain cluster, where the outdoor venues are also aligned more or less in a single location as we are operating essentially in those two locations, very comfortable and both of them today, we have about 900 people on the ground there.

Building out our production facilities.

We are all quite confident given the level of security we are surrounded by.

In terms of not having restrictions, we have had nothing but great cooperation from the folks running the sochi games led by dmitri and his team.

We work very closely with them from the outset.

Far from restriction, there has been a lot of association.

He wrote a book, will "what makes a terrorist." this is part of the world -- it has long had a history with conflict.

Should people be more concerned about this than others?

There is a risk, probably relatively high compared to other places where the windex had been held.

Predictors of terrorist tend to be more political with political conflict and governmental oppression or a lack of civil liberties.

You have got a mix at play.

On the other hand, terrorism is fortunately relatively rare still an hard to pull off especially when security forces are on alert.

There is also a social question here about russia's anti-gay laws.

How is nbc planning to handle that?

We have already seen it being covered aggressively buy all new out -- news outlets, leading up to the games.

When we get to sochi and we begin, we will get that along with several other news issues that have come up heading into sochi.

We will just have to see how the games go.

And if it continues to be a story.

If i might ask, how do you plan on covering that?

Will you profile any athletes?

Class we will simply talk about the issue.

We hired the editor of the new york magazine, who will come on, and we talked to bob and matt about it.

It will be more in that form as opposed to doing an extended profile.

We will be transparent about the issues that have come up and then we will see it.

That is really what olympics are about.

That is always so fascinating, the story that uncovered all of the tremendous young people competing and it is an exciting thing overall to watch.

Before we let you guys go, since you're both in the sports field, i have just got to ask, warren buffett is offering $1 billion for the perfect bracket.

Are you putting money in?

I do not think so.

I wish there was a way we could come up with an olympic bracket therein -- bracket.

That would be great.

$1 billion from warren buffett.

Not bad.


You think they should have what?

A contest to come up with a bracket with the social media they are using.

I look forward to the olympic

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