Footwear, Apparel Top Focus: Nike Brands President

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Oct. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Nike Brands President Trevor Edwards discusses consumer trends with Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

On his band?

How many steps do you have?

This morning?

Probably more than i normally have.

Me talk about this, you talk about the excitement of it.

It really is a teeny portion of the business.

Our focus is footwear apparel and equipment.

We just do an incredible footwear business.

People just love it.

It's a great opportunity.

Only to -- 25% of your apparel is womenswear.

Why is that?

As time has gone on with her and sports, we have focused on specific sports.

We have been focusing to create better products for our women, our women opportunity.

We believe that is a $7 billion purse at wholesale.

That is a big this business can be.

You believe that branding and endorsing is so important.

When i look at the amount of money you spend, doesn't really pay off?

At the end of the day, this is about building a brand and making sure consumers understand we are a performance brand about sports.

We use that point of view to extend to our lifestyle opportunity.

So, for us it absolutely pays off.

You have the number one soccer player in the world moving to barcelona, your team.

What is that value the position for you?

Next year will be amazing.

The world cup will be in brazil.

It's going to be an amazing time.

Name are will be playing with the brazilian team in a country that is so passionate about football.

Obviously, we brought that -- the -- i just choked on my line.

We brought this into the market.

As a really great example of innovation in the marketplace.

How do you decide who the brand ambassador should be?

If you have an athlete that does not perform, what does that do for you?

Some days you are playing, other days you are not playing at the best of your game.

It is about the pursuit of being the best athlete you can be.

That is what drives our business, helps us to innovate and create great products for those athletes.

For your brand, how do you decide what athletes to have long-term relationships with?

Use date with kobe bryant.

You stayed with tiger woods.

You did not stay with lance armstrong.

What message does that send?

For us, it is about understanding what is inside the athlete, understanding their passion and drive to be better and better.

It is about understanding where this athlete wants to go.

Then we create an amazing products for the athlete to be better.

They go through their ups and downs.

At the end of the day -- what is the decision process?

How do you say, tiger is ok and lance is not ok?

For us, it is about sports.

At the end of the day, if they are at the best competitive sport they can be, that is where we are going to be.

How much competitive advantage do you have that you have wholly owned subsidiaries across the world and other companies do not?

The fact that we have such a large footprint really helps us.

At the end of the day, being number one in football is a really important position like us.

When you go into a market like china, they love after ball.

They love basketball like the united states.

For you, soccer is the number one sport, yes?

[laughter] i knew it.

Football, world cup.

Great to see you.

Deirdre, i am going to send it back to you.


Stephanie ruhle

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