WattUp: Putting a Wireless Charge Into Your Device

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March 28 (Bloomberg) -- Steve Rizzone, chairman and CEO of Energous Corp., explains how the company beams electricity through the air to charge mobile devices. He speaks with Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Allows the consumer to eliminate the tethering, allows the consumer and are to charge their mobile devices within a 30 foot radius of our transmitter while they are roaming in their living room or at their desk.

I do not have to plug in my blackberry or my iphone.

If you have a receiving device, as long as you are within the range of the transmitter, your devices charging.

Is this on the market yet?

We are just engaging with our strategic partners.

We are a technology company.

We will be licensing this technology to our partners.

Unitas and capital to play with?

-- you needed some capital to play with?

Who are the strategic partners?

But i can tell you one -- i can tell you.

The first one is from south korea.

They also do a lot of the mobile accessories for the named companies you are very familiar with.

They bedded our technology and not only did they become our first strategic partner, they decided they wanted to invest a million dollars in the company.

The expectation that everyone , the big tech companies out there, ultimately this will be part of their platform?

We are building an entire ecosystem.

Imagine this is just like wi-fi in the early 2000. it was initially adopted with the transmitter and accessories and then it spread out and became a more ubiquitous solution.

Ultimately, it was incorporated into a chipset.

That is the same paradigm we will be following.

Why did you guys do an ipo?

A number of us have been involved with the venture capital forum for a number of years and there are number of advantages for a company like this.

This technology is truly disruptive.

It is a game changer.

No competition?

No competition that is direct competition.

For all practical purposes, it is just an extension of the tether.

If it is constantly in meeting -- imaging, is there a safety issue?

Our technology receives a week -- 1.5 watt.

We are in the same element of a transmit and receive as a cell phone.

We have to run.

Keep us updated on how things are going.

Ceo of energous.

Up next, we left -- we meet

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