Watch for Triple Witching, German Elections: Ryan

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Sept. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Gareth Ryan, Managing Director at Iur Capital, discusses events geopolitical and economic events affecting markets. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

This is a fancy day.

How can futures react?

With today expiring, it is not just any expiring.

On four occasions on every calendar year, you have several things set to expire on the same day.

You have futures and future options set to expire today.

That brings us to the next big expiring, which is set for december 20. is there some kind of trade you can put on to capture that and the volatility?

We are coming off of this nice rally on wednesday evening in the s&p after the fomc meeting.

There are two key events that are front and center.

Now that fomc is out of the way, you have the debt ceiling, which is far more important.

On wednesday, we had the surprise announcement.

We had one eye on what was going on in washington.

We really hope we do not see a repeat of what we saw at the end of last year when things got drawn out are too long.

You listed a lot of things in the u.s. there it are things going on in germany.

The german elections are this weekend.

We believe on the low merkel has a majority, which should let her get -- angela merkel has a majority, which should let her get into office again.

We had a nice rally on wednesday and yesterday in new york.

We are not seeing any kind of uncertainty with regard to the german market.

We would like to think things are pretty much settled.

The december contract.

We are all looking at that.

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