Smart Sportswear: Testing a Bio-Sensing Shirt

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May 15 (Bloomberg) -- Omsignal CEO Stephane Marceau discusses the company’s smart shirt that measures your workout. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

You are wearing a shirt that reads your body continuously.

How does it work?

I am familiar with the sensor of sorts.

Where is the sensor?

It's in the yarn.

It's in the thread, which reads the differences generated higher body.

-- generated by your body.

Ecg, heart rate, what?


Stress level, breathing regularity.

In terms of achieving-his performance, -- in terms of achieving high-level performance and reducing your stress level, we monitor activity, breathing, cardiac.

Why put it all in a shirt?

You can wear it all your life.

Clothing allows us to capture the signals where the action happens on your body.

You get it at the source.

Do you see a principally as a product for fitness enthusiasts, data junkies, or do you see an opportunity to get other people wearing this kind of shirt?

Over time, we think this will be the norm.

Several years ago when you -- several years from now when you go buy a shirt, you won't even have to ask.

It will be connected.

Recognize that you are not just an athlete on the court, you are an athlete every day.

Over time, this clothing technology is going to be commonplace.

I am going to give this a try and run around the block and see what it tells us.

Have fun.


joey see what's going on?


This is your heart rate.

He just went around the block.

He burned a few calories.

This is your heart rate variability.

Once you breathe slowly in and out -- breathe out, so your breathing is at 20. obviously, you are fit and you just went around for a quick jog.

What else?

Your heart rate is already back in 96. good recovery.

What if i want to share this information with other people?

Could it be my dock or, my insurance -- my doctor, my insurance company, my dad.

We do this all over.

All of our biometrics are in the cloud.

Technically, we arty do that.

-- already do that.

Then it is for the consumer to decide.

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