Watch BP as Selloff Has Been Overdone: Kelly

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March 26 (Bloomberg) -- Brenda Kelly, chief market strategist at IG Group, discusses her top stock picks on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.”

Is it warranted, that sort of decline?

Do you think it has found a bottom?

I think it may have.

It is above its 200-day moving average.

A lot of the selloff has been overdone.

In some respects, confidence improved in respect to russia.

Bp could be the one to watch.

We have seen the ban lifted on its exploration within the gulf of mexico.

It could be in a good position to undertake some sort of profitability from the u.s. shale market.

It will be one for watch to me.

It could be a good play with confidence returning to that sector.

We mentioned william hill, the betting company.

Talk to us about your views.

Some people have been worried about regulatory issues.

I think that has been reflected in the share price over the last six months.

William hill is well below its precrisis highs.

I do feel there has been a raft of downgrades.

It did get absolutely murdered by the budget along with the insurance companies.

In some respects, there will be a bit of opportunity for william hill.

I do believe that some of the other betting stocks will be introducing some changes in order to separate some of the gaming that would be subject to the 25% tax raised.

We have already have this morning and we have already been flagged.

Obviously, it was worse than expected in terms of what george osborne did, but in some respects, there is still a little upside.

Thank you.

Brenda kelly.

George osborne saying on twitter that they have sold those shares and the plan is to reduce

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