Washington Navy Yard Shooting Leaves Several Dead

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Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Megan Hughes reports that several people have reportedly been killed and as many as 10 were wounded in shootings at the U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters in Washington. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers."

Now the breaking news from washington.

A shooting at the washington navy yard has left several dead and at least 10 injured.

The status of the gunmen, unclear at the moment.

Megan hughes following the story from d.c. what do we know?

Hearing a lot of different reports.

This is still an active scene.

But the ap is reporting several killed, as many as 10 wounded and "the washington post" reports police are seeking to gunmen and one shooter is reported to be down in the shooting at the base.

All at the u.s. naval sea systems command headquarters in washington.

About 3000 people work here.

It is along the anacostia river.

It started around 8:20 when an active shooting -- shooter was reported.

Now, two hours later, still an active scene.

We are hearing reports on the ap that several people were killed, 10 people wounded.

This has had tremendous impacts on d.c. a shelter in place has been age -- issued for naval yard personnel.

They were ordered to take immediate shelter while this is going on.

We know that six schools and at least one administration building are on lockdown.

We know reagan international airport stopped flights due to the shooting, due to a law enforcement request.

We have learned the ground stop has been lifted.

The president has been reached and capitol police are assisting as well.

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