Was It Really a Record-Breaking Summer for Stocks?

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Aug. 29 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Mike Regan discusses the summer’s market movements with Matt Miller on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)


Before i say record-breaking again, it really wasn't record-breaking.

We are closing in a record here.

We are closing at a record high.

We are up year to date but not that much.

None of the movements are record-breaking.

If you look back at the beginning of the month, we started out with about a 3.9% dip in the s&p 500. it kind of stops on the diamond, around.

Most of the data was pretty good.

Janet yellen did not do anything to spook anyone.

The beginning of the summer, everybody was worried.

Jim bullard and some others cannot said we may raise rates early.

A were going to.

Jackson confirmed to everybody that that is the last thing that janet yellen wants to do.

You have said rowing for a while and now it looks like it will be the ecb's turn.

A lot of high hopes in the next week's meeting.

Everybody and their uncle has been calling for interest rates to increase but here we and the month.

We could have unemployment at six percent the adding more than 200,000 jobs a month.

The economy seems to be growing at 4.2%. you are probably right.

We have everything i just said.

Everybody in the world could be asking him to do some bernanke style e-zine.

Next week we find out, it will really hit the floor.

I'm not a car guy like you.

As long as they are rubber, you are ok.

I am wondering how much of these gains are aching in a really positive outcome next week.

He has disappointed in the past and adjust wonder what we will see next week.

If he does announce a qe program, or even worse, he disappoints, basically everyone will be waiting for that announcement.

You have been watching the announcements.

All summer and has been kind of low volume in what is already a low-volume environment.

Will the the cup extra week.

Will tuesday be heavy day on the floor.

No one is on the floor anymore.

Some of my best friends are on the floor.

Volume under 5 billion shares total in the u.s. this week.

This is the longest street below 5 billion.

Member was causing the volume in 2008. you don't want to be back there.

Thanks so much for joining us.

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