Was It a Happy Holiday for Retailers?

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Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) –- The Retail Tracker Managing Partner Mark Friedman and Bloomberg’s Julie Hyman focus on the real take-away from the holiday retail season in “On The Markets” on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.” (Source: Bloomberg)

About the holiday season and promotions that went on, big discounts for many of the retailers.

Once we start getting these read -- these numbers, what will be the real take away?

I think a short season, they had to be aggressive.

The cold weather helped them to move key product of that had time to it.

Outerwear, sweaters.

I would think that sales would be good with promotion pressure, but all in all people coming through with respectable results.

Do you think that that will come at the expense of margins?

Because they were so aggressive?

Yes, you will see better sales, margin pressure, and the most important part, people feeling pretty good about inventory levels headed into spring.

That is critical, in january you still have to clean out the rest of your holiday merchandise to be clean for the spring season.

As you say, if you are a cold-weather retailer you are in pretty good shape right now.

I want to get to the cap.

Thursday after the close they will be coming out with comparable sales numbers for december.

What do you think of that?

You will see numbers like declines for the company as a whole.

Gap has struggled, that is not exactly news.

They have had issues over the last couple of quarters and there will be pressure there.

We are looking forward to the merchandising of the gap division.

We think that we will start to see some improvements.

We have been watching retailers very closely.

Urban outfitters is one you have looked at.

Speaking to people from the holiday season, free people was one of the places where we did not see the discounting to the same extent.

How do you think the company did overall?

Strong numbers from both businesses, they hit the sweater trend right.

Urban certainly have their challenges with the teen market.

I think you will still see a four percent to six percent earnings number, guidance for the fourth quarter.

Most importantly, well- positioned also for a good spring overall.

We think that that is a step below $40 that is attractive.

Is that a matter of hitting the fashion right?


They started to move crop tops and other key items in to show that they are back on trend.

They are in very good shape.

We will have to have you back on.

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