Will Comcast-TWC Deal Challenge Apple TV Rollout?

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Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman and Edmund Lee discuss Apple’s new set-top box and negotiations with TWC for video content. They speak with Stephanie Ruhle and Scarlet Fu on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We're not talking about apple tv.

Not the big, shiny thing.

Is it a big deal?

Far less ambitious than what they were originally trying to do, allowing consumers to buy cable channels individually if they wanted to read.

This is a few more channels.

If they do the deal with time warner cable, you would get the time warner cable app on your tv.

We love to think apple is the smartest guy in the room.

You think they are surprised by this?


This was done in complete secrecy.

Philadelphia outsmarting cupertino?

Outsmarting everyone.

It's changing the landscape.

Why is apple left in the dark here?

They have been in discussions, active discussions.

When you are doing that, you're still negotiating.

Either side holds back information to leverage each other.

You think the city of brotherly love is messing with apple's game here?

A could be.

What does not change is if you are apple and you're trying to offer channels directly to people, it's a tough game because of the connection the cable industry has with the players.

Intel creates the school new tv product and says, -- this cool new tv product and says, we are going to sign our own content deals.

They were not a position where they would get the same kind of rates the cable company would get.

Apple is in that same -- whether comcast or time warner cable comes together, apple is a challenge position of being able to come out with that amazing product where you can watch whatever you want anytime you want, all controlled by apple.

Why is apple so challenged?

We're talking about an updated, improved -- the hockey puck could be available for sale by the holiday season.

This seems like a long lead time for something that should have been done years ago and we should be looking at a real apple tv.

Tim cook talked about it as a hobby project, and i think they were focused on other things too.

The bigger scale tv is something maybe they were also thinking about.

You have seen other products come to market.

Google has its chrome cast device.

You want to talk about amazon coming out.

The time is right for them to come out with something new, maybe better.

You show on the screen that silver remote, which i constantly lose in my pillows.

There are little things they could make additionally strong.

If this is the way they have to go, maybe they have shifted focus to say, this hockey puck is where we're going to make the experience better rather than focusing on the big tv's. do you agree?

I agree.

It is really a promotional thing for itunes, where they sell and rent movies and films.

Hollywood is relying on digital downloads.

Comcast, their set top box does the same thing.

Now there's even less reason for those two to work for each other.

Comcast has everything.

Is apple using a playbook from its itunes stay with the music industry, disrupting that for television?

You are exactly right.

Apple was trying to de-bundle television the way they did with music.

That's not going to happen.

Many people say, tv is going the way of music.

You think they are not the same.

Not even close.

It's a harder nut to crack than the music industry.

You have cable and satellite guys and all the programmers working with each other to make sure that the netflix's and apples of the world don't disrupt what they've got.

Close in proximity but different worlds.

The meetings between the leaders in tech land and in hollywood can be strange.

There are fun stories about that.

If that was really the case, why would some of these content players be spending the money, like in the case of disney, why would it be spending the money to create its own apps for apple tv?

They are hedging their bets.

They are certainly not betting against the company like apple.

You have seen a huge rollout.

Apple is really interested and invested in the idea of more apps being available on its tv product the same way they're available on the iphone.

The experience is getting better.

You have bloomberg tv on there.

There's a lot more options and people are investing on the apple platform.

Things are moving so quickly,

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