Warren Moon’s Journey From Canada to Canton

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May 8 (Bloomberg) –- NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Warren Moon and Former CEO of Leigh Steinberg Sports and Entertainment David Meltzer discuss the NFL draft and race issues in sports. They speak with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

It's important to know you actually went undrafted in the draft and played in the canadian football league.

Tell me what you felt not hearing your name called when those draft picks went out.

My dream was to always have my name called and be drafted like every other player that comes out of college, but my situation was little different stop teams didn't want me to play quarterback.

They wanted me to change my position than i was going to have nothing to do with that.

So i chose to go to canada where they were going to give me a chance to play cornerback.

So i was a free agent when i did come back to the national football league and was a -- in a much utter bargaining position.

Was it very different way in the canadian league question are no question about it.

It was a whole different game and different style of football.

12 guys, wider field, longer field, but i adjusted it had a great time winning.

Less than 80 and's or so nice will stop a very good people.

From an agent's perspective, how do you manage a player unhappy with the outcome of the draft question are it's not the players i have to worry about.

It's managing expectations join the process of the draft.

They know where they are at with the teams, the time in the strength, so they have some sort of idea where they are going to go.

It's managing parents and friends who have much too high of expectations.

Higher than the players themselves?


Then he had to manage that pressure and understand although they may not have been drafted as high as they like, there are unlimited hostilities for their success.

You were playing a time when race played a role in terms of what opportunities one was given.

Colleges wanted to put you in a position other than quarterback will stop obviously that has changed a lot.

Can you reflect on the challenges you faced then and the challenges and opportunities for the better now?

You try to put yourself in a position where you can see what you can do is a professional.

That's all i wanted to do, but because of race and stereotypes about african americans, i wasn't getting that opportunity.

I just tried to keep myself as positive as possible and once that opportunity it come, i would be ready to take advantage.

Once i did that and played well and other guys like myself, randall cunningham the way he played -- because we played at such a high level, we opened the door for the next group of guys to get more of an opportunity for african-americans.

You sure did.

Number one pick.

I wanted from both of you.

I think there are going to be some trades made.

The texans would like to trade down and get some more pix and get the players they want, but if they are not able to get the trade, i think they will go with the kid out of south carolina.

Your pick?

The same.

He's the best later in the draft.

There are still questions about him, but you don't want to pass up on a guy like that.

What about johnny?

Rex i would try to trade on for him.

I don't think anybody in quarterback position is worthy of being that high, but johnny manziel is going to be a good pro player.

We will be watching tonight very carefully.

Lauren mood and david meltzer.

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