Warren Buffett Made $380.34 a Second in 2013

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Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Billionaire Investor Warren Buffett added $11.6 billion to his net worth in 2013. Matthew G. Miller reports on the biggest billionaire movers on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Million dollars per hour, just unbelievable.

He is worth 11.6 billion dollars to date, and that is after giving five percent of his shares to charity every july.

That is a lot of money.

He would probably be the biggest gainer of the year had it not even -- been for that.

How is this relative to others?

Mark zuckerberg is the biggest gainer this year.

He is up about $15 billion this year.

That is for the shape -- the sale of his shares coming up, but that is for tax reasons.

Sheldon adelson is up about $14 billion.

Bill gates and jeff bezos and then warren buffett.

These are the five.

Whenever i hear buffett speak , i'm just so amazed.

I hear the midwestern, optimistic humility from a guy who's only public display of wealth is his private jet.

Very much so.

However, don't be deceived.

He is a shrewd investor.

If you look at all of the people who are of the most, they are the people who control their industry.

Buffett controls berkshire hathaway.

He still -- bill gates still has about 20% of his fortune in microsoft.

Jeff bezos owns about one quarter of amazon.

These are the fabulously wealthy and you don't get to be there unless you own huge swaths of the big companies.

He is a very shrewd businessman, but the way he lives is also the way he hires.

The way he lives and treat money, he wants to see that as well in the ceo's he hires.

He doesn't hire ceo's who are flashy or doing it for the money.

He hires ceo's who are doing it for the same as him.

For the value of the dollar and making sure you're not milking companies.

Xd likes making money, not spending money.

-- he likes making money, not spending money.


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