Warren Buffett Expands on `Buy America’ Theme

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March 3 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Betty Liu and Noah Buhayar discuss Warren Buffett’s annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. They speak with Alix Steel on Bloomberg Television’s “Bottom Line.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We are seeing berkshire hathaway stock not getting crushed as much.

It was daddy, holding firm.

I think investors are following the sentiment around berkshire hathaway and warren buffett after the letter was released.

He was talking about asset allocation, being the single biggest defining factor into whether or not investors are going to be rewarded for holding berkshire hathaway shares.

So far, he seems to be doing a pretty good job.

You talked about some of his investments, like nevada energy.

He also talked about heinz, and the partnership with dream -- three g capital, all ways to intelligently allocate that capital.

It is a huge things that shareholders care about, and he spent a lot of his letter talking about ways that berkshire hathaway can -- $30 billion, i want to hear about -- i hear he wants to give up $20 billion in cash.

He was asleep tonight, and write a lot of insurance contract that can result in big planes.

He liked that cash discussion.

There are all sorts of risks that can be taken on, that they want that fully -- $20 billion for.

At the end of the year because the $20 billion in cash.

Where is the speculation on where the next target maybe -- mayb be?

Will it be a self-sustaining one like insurance?

Tom keene on our radio program afterwards, he has been a work sure how to make shareholder for a long time.

Given how many targets overseas and trips warren buffett has made, once to china, twice to your, he is not announced any -- any big acquisitions overseas.

I do not know if it is a lack of interest outside of the u.s. borders, or if you want to stick to this by american theme and stay in the u.s.. there are not a lot of big elephant targets here.

The thing that does not get mentioned enough here is that it berkshire hathaway does not go out and buy a business to spend a lot of money, they have operations that have opportunities for reinvestment.

They spent $11 billion last year just on lance and equipment -- plants and equipment.

At some point you're just too big to grow, right?

You can grow, just not as fast as before.

We're talking about a company that just had a tremendous compounding over the years.

Tremendous compounding over the years.

Doing that when you are a company with a market value of 280 billion dollars is really hard.

We appreciate it.

We will be on the markets again

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