Warren Buffett's Secret 29-Year-Old Protege

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Jan. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Former Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia CEO Lisa Gersh discusses her outlook for Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Year-old protege.

She might become the replacement for david vogel, if you remember , he was the right hand man for warren buffett, going around and doing all the deals for him.

She has become that person for him.

She is the chairman of several of his companies.

She has made some tough decisions, fired people.

But she has had some good outcomes from that.

Those companies have shaped up.

29 years old.

A 29-year-old kid who is the chairman of four berkshire hathaway companies.

She has fired three ceos.


She is unusual, one because of her age, to because she is female, but obviously her parents knew something that we did not know.


As opposed to harvard.

Two-putted in that context, -- to put it in that context, he has a generation of leaders he is grooming.

They are there right now.

Those oriental painting catalogs?

Think about it for one second.

Look at who started some of the biggest companies in the country today.

They were all started by 20- year-olds.

Bravo to warren buffett for picking a young person to lead his company and a time when young people are in charge.

But this is not a new internet startup.

She is thinking about compound interest.

She is doing the most boring thing on the planet, which is why warren buffett loves her.

He says that she thinks like him.

By the way, we did it poll on bitcoin.

47% of those that we pulled would be sellers of bitcoin.

Only 11% would-be buyers.

Some 30% did not know what they would do with it.

I also heard a lot of other people -- i think it is

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