Ultimate Trophy Car Auction: 30 Cars, $75M, 2 Hours

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Nov. 19 (Bloomberg) -- RM Auctions Managing Director Max Girardo discusses thirty trophy vehicles up for auction. He speaks with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Sports and racing cars, and he is the auctioneer thursday.

Great to have you with us.

Are you nervous?

A little bit.

We have a big few days ahead of us.

You will be auctioning off 30 cars, worth how much?

$75 million, selling 75 million dollars worth of cars in less than two hours.

How will it work?

It is a normal auction.

We have 30 of the best cars representing all of the different eras.

We have them all on display on the 10th floor at sotheby's. it is never been done before.

That must have been a logistical seen.

I cannot begin to tell you.

We have a sale on thursday here in new york.

How is the auctioning process going to work?

Would people have paddles?


Do you expect it to be boisterous?

It is something in between.

People are spending a lot of money.

People have been coming to see the cars.

People are calling in from all over the world.

Talk about some of the cars for auction.

The tiger is one of them.

It is a tiny, micro car.

There are very few of them.

It is the best, little micro car that you can buy.

That will be about $200,000 or $300,000. the for ari quest -- for ari?

It is the other side of the spectrum.

It has 12 cylinders.

It will be about $15 million.

One of the more expensive ones.


We have a photo of the duchess cadillac.

That is a little bit of new york history, specially built for the duke and duchess of windsor.

They cap that here in new york city.

It would drive around taking them to parties and dinners.

That will be about $300,000 or $400,000. much more reasonable.

Max girado, would you expect will be the buyers?

They come from all over the world.

It is an international market.

There'll be collectors from europe, all over america, and even the middle east, so we have an international finance help.

Max girado -- international clientele.

Max girado, thank you.

Coming up, alan mulally might be pegged to replace steve ballmer.

What makes him such a good candidate?

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